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Extreme Autofest : Afterdark

Gallery Page 1 |

Pomona, CA - Autofest Autofest, Autofest. That's all we hear around here @ apartment107. In the last couple weeks, Extreme Autofest held two shows @ the Pomona Fairplex. To be more technical, one was called Extreme "Tunerfest" in conjunction with the NHRA Sports Compact World Finals and the other was Extreme Autofest "Afterdark". But who’s keeping tabs anyway?

So arriving @ Pomona, we find that in 4 hours time, about 250 cars and vendors had to roll-in through one gate. After dealing with that situation, the show finally got rollin’ around 4:00PM.

Being that this Autofest happened a week after SEMA, a lot of the left over goodies from Vegas made it back just in time for this show. For instance the Import Expo Supra made it here from the Midwest, taking the competition by storm. International All Stars, the main "Host Team" of Autofest, and many other teams like 935Draggers, Hybrid, SC3, and Karzone made their treks from SD to SF for this show.

As for now, Extreme Autofest has wrapped up their season for this year so we’ll have to wait ‘til next year to see what’s in store.

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HID vs. Halogen Bulbs

Myth 1: They are brighter than stock halogens. a. They are not. White light is all the visible (to the human eye) wavelengths together.

b. In order to produce the "HID" like qualities, manufacturers typically utilize a coating or tinting of the glass.

c. This tint or coating is a Filter. It will output only the specific wavelength it was designed for....some sort of blue color (most on the market). Of course with coatings, there will be voids or imperfections (coatings people call this "holidays") were the light isn't filtered.

d. Thus you actually reduce the light output. But our perception makes us think it's brighter.

Myth 2: Higher Color Temperature is better http://www.piaausa.com/glossary.html has a nice color temperature chart

a. See myth one. White light coming from regular halogen bulbs is approximately 3200°K. Sunlight in the the neighborhood of low 5000°K. True HID systems are typically 4300°K. Halogen lighting is a different mechanism than HID (heated resistor versus arcing). Again see myth one.

b. Color Temperature is not directly associated with output, measured in lumens. So due to myth one, you get reduced lighting.

Myth 3:55/65 W -> 100/110W, PIAA marketing for Superwhites a. Anyone hear of the Laws of Thermodynamics? There is no such thing as a "Perpetual Motion Machine"

b. Energy in = Energy out. Most of the energy out is heat. Someone said "Energy cannot be created nor be destroyed".

Myth 4: High Wattage bulbs are safe to use a. Since filters reduce light output, what do manufacturers do to compensate? Increase the power.

b. Fine and dandy, put the extra heat generated, may damage the immediate wiring and the headlight connector. Some say it will damage the polycarbonate lens (I don't know since my old car used glass lens). And it may also damage the electrical system (Done that before using 50 watt reverse bulbs sold at an auto parts store). Many have hooked up relays to compensate. The connectors aren't readily available at the local Pep Boys or radio shack.

Myth 5: The package says Xenon Halogen lighting is tungsten filament and mostly Krypton gas. Some manufacturers add a trace amount of Xenon gas, just to advertise "Xenon", truth in advertising at least.

Myth 6: Overall they perform better in all weather conditions Driving from personal experience, yes they seem a little better when the road is dry, but when the weather becomes foul (or fresh asphalt), much of the light is absorbed into the black asphalt....so you'll be driving blind. Some suggest the blue wavelength refracts and reflects more readily also.

Conclusion: Given the information above....if you like the "look", you know some of the trade-offs.

Editor’s Note: This article brings up some excellent points. We still can't believe that some people still argue the fact that their super white/blue bulbs will provide more visibility in snowy/foggy conditions then the regular ambers.

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Soap Girl Premiere

The producers of the award-winning feature Soap Girl proudly present the opening of their much raved about film at the Fairfax Laemmle Theater in Los Angeles (on Beverly and Fairfax), beginning December 6, 2002.

Soap Girl, a love story set in an L.A. massage parlor, is a controversial new film featuring “a marvelous ensemble cast who have more energy, sex-appeal and charm than any group to strut and vamp across the camera in recent memory.” (Film Threat)

From award-winning Korean American director Young Man Kang (“Cupid’s Mistake,” “First Testament,” “Death Valley Diary”), the film stars award-winning actor Luciano Saber (“Placebo Effect,” “Scared”), Kerry Liu (“Blood Sisters,” “Terror Toons”), and Gina Hiraizumi (“The Kingston High”).

Soap Girl debuted at the Big Bear Lake Film Festival, winning the Audience Award for Best Asian American Feature. It has already garnered a five-star review from Chris Gore’s Film Threat and “7 out of 10 stars” by Sue Catalano at the Dog Pile, who writes, “the girls are all very forthcoming as actors. Kerry Liu absolutely carries the film.”

For more info on the film, cast & crew check out http://www.Soapgirlfilm.com

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Cowboy Bebop Launch Party At Spundae @ The Circus

Cypress, CA (November 7, 2002) – Bandai Entertainment announced today the upcoming DVD launch party for its release of Cowboy Bebop: Best Sessions. Held in conjunction with music industry publication, BPM Culture Magazine – World famous DJ’s announced include: Sven Vath, Richie Haw, and Tyrone Cornelius. The event is open to the public and doors open at 9:00 PM. The world renowned SPUNDAE @ The Circus is THE party spot in Southern California! Cowboy Bebop giveaways throughout the night, dress to impress, and Bebop ‘cosplayers’ be sure to strut your stuff throughout the night for your chance to receive even more FREE Bebop swag! Saturday, November 23, 2002. For more information on the event, please visit www.bandai-ent.com

One of the highest rated shows on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block – Cowboy Bebop fans rejoice! Six of the top voted episodes from Cowboy Bebop has been digitally re-mastered for Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Surround Sound! Experience Cowboy Bebop like never before here in North American and Japan! Did we mention? This special release will contain an exclusive limited edition slipcase, once they’re gone…they’re gone!!

Meet Spike and Jet, a drifter and a retired cyborg cop who have formed a partnership in a bounty hunting enterprise. In a converted fishing ship the Bebop, with the help of the intelligent data dog, Ein, and the volumptuous and vexing femme fatale, Faye Valentine - Spike and Jet scour the galaxy in search of wanted criminals. They’re going to clean up space, one bounty at a time!

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Viva Las Vegas

Gallery Page 1 |

Once again SEMA comes to Las Vegas for the biggest aftermarket show of the year. My feet hurt just thinking about all the walking as hundreds of companies exhibited their newest products.

The new Mini cooper made its presence felt as many tuners already have modifications available for this retro-mobile. The new 350z was also on hand as mods are quickly becoming available, including a phat ass kit from Wings West.

Meanwhile, Apt. 107 was on hand previewing "On the Scene 2: Fully Loaded" in the Excelon booth. Drifting is definitely catching on from the response that we got from the industry.

And of course the hottest babes were on hand for this show. If you are looking for girls, head straight toward the South Hall of the Las Vegas convention center where the babes shined out more than the chrome wheels on hand.

Finally, the parties are always a blast! Honda provided free food and alcohol while LJ Garcia battled Ed Bergenholtz in basketball. Vision Entertainment was also on hand throwing the craziest party at the joint in the Hard Rock cafe complete with midgets, firebreathers, monkeys, etc.

If that wasn't enough, we had too much to drink with the Las Vegas car crews at the Slipstream party and finished our trip off with a rowdy soju night at the local Korean BBQ...don't ask...just check out the pics!!!

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WANTED: Top Tuners in the Nation

Escondido, CA (November 4, 2002) – X Concepts’® Modifiers, the latest in automotive die-cast collectibles that feature officially licensed interchangeable parts, announced today the launch of their first “Best Modified Modifiers” Contest. The contest begins today and will end Wednesday, January 15, 2003— contest entries must be received at XConcepts’ corporate headquarters by January 15. Winners will be announced at www.modifierscars.com on Monday, February 3, 2003.

The contest is designed to find the most and best modified Modifiers within three categories including, Truck, SUV, and Car categories. Each winner will receive a $500 cash prize, a Modifiers gift pack valued at $100, and will be posted on both XConcept’s and Modifiers websites. Judging will be handled by Modifiers staff and L.J. Garcia, renowned impart car tuner who signed with XConcepts® earlier this year.

“We have seen an enormous amount of Modifiers enthusiasts modifying their Modifiers to make them unique. This contest will allow them to show off their talent and creativity and be rewarded for it ”, said Todd Ballard, creator and Product Manager.

Each entry will be judged on the Exterior, Interior, Wheels, Tires, Suspension, Customized Engine/Compartments, and Workmanship. Contest information and rules and regulations are posted on www.modifierscars.com. The information will also be posted at many top retail locations nationwide.

X Concepts’® Modifiers is currently shipping series 3 and 4, which includes the 2000 Ford F-150 XLT, the 1999 Honda Accord Coupe and the 2002 Cadillac Escalade. As in real life, the trucks and SUVs have the option of being outfitted with either off-road or street aftermarket equipment.

Headquartered in Escondido, California, X Concepts® serves as the exclusive manufacturer and marketer of Modifiers™ which is available at retail and specialty stores across the United States and throughout the world. The 1/43 scale die cast collectibles feature officially licensed, interchangeable parts including engines, hoods, seats, rear windows, exhaust systems, wheels, tires, body kits, sound systems and adjustable suspension. More information about Modifiers™ can be found on the company’s web site, http://modifierscars.com

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Extreme Tunerfest : Pomona

Gallery Page 1 |

The NHRA Mazda Import World finals hit the Pomona Raceway with a loud bang. Extreme Autofest and the NHRA combined together to create Extreme Tunerfest, a show and race combo that suits the needs of both the speed and show addicts.

A cool day brought fast times, as many world records were broken on the track. Being NHRA, there's always action to be had. The cool temperatures were just low enough for the Extreme Autofest Bikini contest to make it hot again.

With Mazda backing the NHRA Import Scene and Toyo backing Extreme Autofest, many vendors and teams came out to represent. Like always, the boys of Serenity Sound came out as long as big names like Internation All Stars came showing hard. The 935Draggers and the Finest Women booth brought the girls that they had to make every show complete with the oohs and ahhs of eye candy.

Well to keep it short, stay tuned for Extreme Autofest November 16th, see ya there!

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AEM's New V2 Cold Air Intake

AEM Introduces Version2—the Most Powerful Air Induction System Ever Produced for the Sport Compact Market!

October 29, 2002, Hawthorne, CA—AEM is proud to introduce its Version2 (V2) Cold Air Induction System for popular sport compact car applications! The AEM V2 incorporates a revolutionary breakthrough in inlet system design that utilizes a dual chamber (using two different diameters and lengths of piping). This design creates multiple frequency sound waves that help charge the cylinders with more air throughout the entire rpm range. Because more air is able to enter the cylinder chambers, the AEM V2 is able to create more horsepower and torque—across the entire rpm range—than any other air induction system. The AEM V2 even outperforms the original AEM Cold Air!

The AEM V2 is manufactured from 6061 mandrel-bent aluminum piping and features a unique, high-gloss titanium powdercoating that reduces heat soak and enhances looks. Every AEM Air Induction System includes a proprietary one-piece, four-layer cotton-gauze air filter for superior filtration and comes with a complete hardware kit and comprehensive installation instructions for trouble-free installation. Every AEM Cold Air system is manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A., and is either C.A.R.B. exempt or pending C.A.R.B. exemption (50-state legal). The AEM V2 is Patent Pending.

AEM’s initial release of V2 Cold Air applications is for most popular Acura, Honda and Mitsubishi applications. Please visit www.aempower.com or call (310) 484-2322 for V2 part numbers and availability.

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Dead Or Alive 3

With "Dead or Alive 3" on the market for Microsoft's XBOX, a whole new breed of women are entering our living rooms. Tecmo has sure beaten all others to the punch in the video game series that we have all come to love. The 3rd installment of the DOA series isn’t just packed full of blood and brutality. It also contains as much boobs and beautiful women as one would find at an import showoff.

Forget Mortal Kombat! This game is jam-packed with great graphics and off-the-hook game play to make MK4 look like a happy meal toy from McDonald's. DOA3 has got the most expansive fighting arenas ever created. With vivid lighting and shadow contrasts, this game will have you in its pocket. Four players can join in this karate/tae kwon do/whatever you can think of type of game.

With destructible surroundings and killer characters you'll be busy ‘til your ass leaves an imprint on your sofa and your thumbs fall off. But just like any game, except for Halo, Dead or Alive 3 has its fakes and flaws. For one, you'll lose most of your challenges because you'll be staring at the breasts of your female opponent the whole way through.

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IDRC East Coast Finals

View Photo Gallery

We are happy to bring you coverage from the IDRC East Coast Finals which was held at Maple Grove Raceway on October 20, 2002. The show was a little small; however, there were plenty of amazing cars to be seen from show cars to all out drag racing machines!

Please be sure to check out the ImportAve models posing by just about every single car. Making another big appearence at this show were several members from one of the East Coasts hottest teams, ImporTeknika.

Race Results

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