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MechTech street legal BMW Turbo

MechTech Motorsports announces new 50 State legal turbocharger system for 1993-2000 BMW 6 cylinder models!

Escondido, CA - MechTech Motorsports has released their new bolt-on, 50 State legal turbocharger system for 1993 to 2000 BMW 6-cylinder models including the M3, Z3 and 3 & 5 Series vehicles.

This superior quality kit delivers excellent performance and response with unsurpassed reliability. The kit features a high flow T3/T4 60-1 turbocharger, a high flow remote wastegate and a large air-to-air intercooler. The installed system will produce excellent boost response and power throughout the entire RPM range, producing 330 to 375 bhp. This system is fully OBD II compatible and its C.A.R.B. exemption order #D-440-1 makes it 50 State legal in the M3, Z3, 3 Series and 5 Series from 1993 to 2000 with the 2.8 or 3.2 liter engine. This is a complete, bolt-on kit.

MechTech Motorsports offers over 20 years of experience with late model high performance vehicles. Owner Jim Mcfarland states, "Unlike many discount mail order houses, we have installed and dyno tested virtually every product we offer on our DynoJet 248." MechTech offers the highest quality products, the most skilled technicians and the latest diagnostic equipment to assure your vehicle is properly calibrated for maximum performance and reliability.

For more cool info check out racetunedimports.com

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Utena: Impatience and Longing

In this latest series from some of the top talents in Japanese animation today, including Kunihiko Ikuhara (Director of Sailor Moon) and Shinya Hasegawa (Key Animation Supervisor of Neon Genesis Evangelion), Utenaís best friend Wakaba entertains a secret gentleman caller. But mysterious forces twist her tender feelings into jealousy and hate. Will Utena lose her friend forever? Fans of Revolutionary Girl Utena will find out if Utena has the strength and courage to duel for the life and friendship of the Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya.

Contains episodes 18-20.


  • Interview with Director Kunihiko Ikuhara and U.S. Voice Actor Carol Jacobanis
  • Art Gallery
  • Story Synopsis
  • Enhanced DVD-ROM Features

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    International Rally Laughlin, NV

    RACE 02.1

    The Gravel Crew's last event of the year came in the form of a full forest race at Ramada Express Hotel & Casino International Rally Laughlin, Nevada - Dec. 13-15, 2002

    Rodney Wills (pilot) Scott G. (navigator) placed 6th in Group 2/5 California Rally Series and placed 17th overall out of 41 in the International Rally.

    Rodney Wills as pilot along with Scott G. as navigator brought out the Gravel Crew secret weapon Ford Escort ZX2. If Rim of the World Rally is the roughest race, then Laughlin is the next roughest and definitely the fastest for the west coast as Scott G. monitored theZx2's 105mph (on dirt) with the Terratrip(tm) 404.

    But before the racing begun, Rodney and Scott drove the ZX2 from Costa Mesa, California to Laughlin Nevada for a trip of 285 miles. Driving the car instead of towing the car adds some seriousness to keeping the car on the road during the event in order to make the trip home. Rodney thought this would help him not push so hard and keep the car alive. With well over 500 miles behind Rodney and Scott and on the final stage, Rodney seemed to be pushing harder just after stating that he did not care too much for this stage due to the high speed and sudden blind turns as they were now running this section again as it was a previous stage now run in the opposite direction. The team found that "the next level" is with recce notes.

    Rodney and Scott found just how important personal detailed notes are when they found a flat out stretch and then crested a hill unmarked in the official rally rout book at 62mph. The road went to the right and Gravel Crew was going straight off the course with fresh gravel in tow for a new picnic area. Upon stopping, both jumped out; Rodney ran up the hill with triangle markers to mark the course for the next cars and Scott began checking the car and creating a path to rock crawl the car back onto the course.

    This whole incident may be on OLN TV as the HDTV camera guy filmed the off as well as came down to film the two Gravel Crew teammates get the car back on course. With the car back on course the only noticeable minute hindrance was the steering pulling ever so slightly to the right. Great Gravel Crew prep & pit work! And good enough to drive all the way back home.

    This race is sanctioned by USAC and follows the FIA rules but allows California Rally Series entries to participate.

    Technical partners:
    Gimmie Composites - Supplier of all things Carbon Fiber
    Donahoe Racing - Supplier of technical fabrication
    Gravel Sports - Supplier of rally specific products
    Phord racing - Supplier of ZX2 performance
    Konig - Supplier of racing rims
    Sparco - Supplier of seats / safety harnesses / racing suits DPG Performance & Design - Supplier of performance clutches & flywheels
    Sway-a-way - Supplier of suspension products and technical assistance Energy Suspension - Supplier of performance suspension bushings
    Intrax - Supplier of performance springs
    Neo Oils - Supplier of synthetic racing oils
    Hella - Supplier of lighting and safety products
    Piloti - Supplier of Nomex driving shoes
    Baker Performance - Supplier of performance products
    Twins Turbo Engineering - Partners in engineering and performance
    Fluidyne - Supplier of performance cooling systems
    DUFFS Footwear - Supplier of skate shoes - because we do
    Xstatic Bat Cap - Supplier of racecar batteries and electrical engineering
    Pitpass apparel - Supplier of official race crew uniforms
    Unical 76 - Supplier of official race fuels
    Erebuni Corp. - Supplier of aerodynamic auto accessories
    Goodridge - Supplier of steel braided brake lines and fuel lines
    K&N Filters - Supplier of air filtration devices

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    Midnight Club II: Paris Update

    Paris, France is Internationally regarded as the pinnacle of old world romance with its charming cafes and patisseries, quaint cobblestone streets, and majestic and inspiring landmarks. However, behind the beauty and innocence lies an underground group of street racers known as the Midnight Club, and when the sun sets in Paris, these thrill seekers rise and the city becomes their competitive racing playground.

    In Phase 2 of the official Midnight Club II website, we shed light on what's hidden in the darkness of Paris.

    Learn about some of the challengers that await you including the suave, proud Parisian street racing veteran Stephane and seasoned conventional race driver Primo. Get acquainted with vehicles like the aristocratic street bully, Victory and the nimble Monsoni motorbike.

    Five new movies, including the world-premiere Paris Midnight Club II trailer, twenty new first-look screenshots and detailed information pull you deeper into the world of the Midnight Club. Exploring the web site even further will reveal hidden desktops, screensavers, and more rewards for you to discover.

    Phase 2 is now live at: www.rockstargames.com/midnightclub2

    The final phase of the official Midnight Club II website will be Phase 3, Tokyo. Coming soon...

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    Diana Le

    Diana Le is a regular yet popular model in the import scene. She's Dee Tran's homegirl, and the two can often be seen hanging out with each other both on the show circuit as well as their modeling gigs. Born on Christmas Eve in 1981 in the mighty state of Texas, this cutie has both the looks and brains to succeed on both levels of modeling and college.

    Her hopes and aspirations of succeeding in school as a business major have already landed her a spot on the prestigious dean's list in college. If one were to compare her looks to any celeb, I've heard people say that she's got that Kristin Kreuk (Smallville's Lana Lang) thing going on.

    Her success in modeling has gotten her gigs on national calendar campaigns such as the 24mainstreet's 2003 Asian Beauty calendar, as well as Island Eye's 2003 calendar.

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    16 and Modifying

    Hey, Iím Chris, a 16-year-old living in Auckland, New Zealand which is on the other side of the world from you guys!

    After acquiring my license, I worked part-time and saved up a hefty sum! Scouted out a car that I wanted and bought it! I happened to be lucky enough to get my hands on a $12000, 1993 E36 BMW 318 Coupe! Itís not much, pretty slow at the moment... but its more than any other 16-year-old could wish for! Every few weeks I would modify 'H1 R0LA'(number plate) a little!

    Started off with new 17' Aztec X Shadow Chromes with low profiles 225/35 R17, and super sticky Falken Z tires. Than moved on to change minor bits and pieces like chrome door handles, clear indicators, M sport leather steering wheel, momo leather/chrome gear knob and boot and full black leather interior (seats + dash).

    The interior was starting to look the money! I lowered the car 5-inches at the back and 3 at the front, and tinted the windows... Iím also in the process of changing the standard tip on the exhaust to something more chrome! The exterior was also now starting to look the part! However, being a Twin Cam 1.8 litre in-line 4 (factory 105kw or 140hp), the car was really slow. So I got a cool air box and am going for a high flow throttle body, pod air filter and an aftermarket performance chip!

    Combined with the BMW free flow exhaust and new tip, I estimate the power to move up to around 125kw (170hp) without the chip! I was told that the chip would make for a good 10% increase in horsepower. All in the car should be around about 136kw (185hp) in about a months time! Itís never too young to start modifying, as long as you have a license and the will to work for it!

    I envy you guys in the USA, you have help from Dinan and Hamann! PLEASE come to New Zealand!

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    Mospeada Release Date Set


    HOUSTON, TX - ADV Films announced a release date of March 25, 2003 for the Genesis Climber Mospeada collection, containing all 25 episodes of the legendary series in one package. Never before released in the U.S., Genesis Climber Mospeada was the source material from which the third chapter of the ROBOTECH saga-ROBOTECH: The New Generation-was created. The ADV release of Genesis Climber Mospeada is available only in the original Japanese, with English subtitles. While the directorial staff is led by none other than Katsuhisa Yamada (Battle of the Planets, Devil Hunter Yohko), Genesis Climber Mospeada is no slouch in the art department, either, with Yoshitaka Amano (1,001 Nights) and Shinji Aramaki (Gasaraki) among the designers.

    The Story
    The Earth has been invaded by the mysterious Inbit, and it's up to a handful of survivors from Mars Colony to liberate the planet. After an unsuccessful first attempt to retake the Earth, the inhabitants of Mars Base are ready to try again. Unfortunately, it's been many years since they have been to Earth and they miscalculate both the strength of the enemy and the strength of the Earth forces-with disastrous results. When the Second Liberation force is all but wiped out entering the Earth's atmosphere, the fate of the planet winds up in the hands of a single survivor, Stick Bernard. Joined by a bare handful of resistance fighters born on Earth, Stick must journey to the Inbit's headquarters at Reflex point in an attempt to discover the secrets of the Inbit and find a way to defeat them. Seven young warriors and their transforming planes and motorcycles are all that stand between the Inbit and Earth's freedom in one of the outstanding series that comprised the multi-generational favorite ROBOTECH.

    Genesis Climber Mospeada (SRP $89.98) is a DVD-only release on five discs, including 25 complete episodes. In Japanese with English subtitles. Extras include character bios, clean opening and closing animations, production portfolios and ADV Previews.

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    Infiniti G35 Coupe Impressions

    Overall the car is a bargin for its under $30k price tag. Luckily I've been driving my cousin's G35c with the 6-speed manual and Premium package frequently since purchase a week ago, since I'm fluent at driving stick shift, and he's learning.

    I cannot make too many comments on the car's dynamics since it's currently being babied. But since I have driven the 350Z car, I expected it to be just as capable and perhaps a little more tolerable in comfort. The electronic throttle control spoils the fun a bit (not nearly as much as my Golf where hitting the brakes results in no power going to the wheels, even if in gear and on the gas). This is more of a grand touring car with its suspension more tolerable for daily driving.

    You can drive this car gently since it has low end torque. In fact the owner's manual recommends (for best fuel economy) to up shift at 2000 rpm (approximately). The power stays there all the way to redline. Clutch travel is nice and short, but on the stiffer side of things, so it may be difficult to smoothly up shift for beginners. The Shifter like the clutch pedal is fairly stiff, thanks to the solid-linkage design. It's light enough where it's not necessary to ham-fist it though. Don't be surprised if the lever vibrates while you're driving. The drone of the stock exhaust is sweet with the windows open, but can get tiring for extended periods. Don't worry though, that's where the Bose audio system comes into play.

    The seats are supportive, but if you don't adjust the lumbar correctly, your back might hurt. Ergonomics are excellent. There are some complaints, though. For cruising, it needs an armrest. The heated seat controls are in an awkward position; same with the cup holders. It would be nice if the steering wheel telescopes forward so I can get a comfortable seating position. At least the rear seats can carry a few full-sized people. Driver side seat memory with the seat back inclination would be nice. The motorized seat tracks are a nice touch though. The dual glove box is great (similar to the Toyota Echo) and very convenient. It even has overhead slots for holding turnpike tickets.

    One thing I have to question is the effectiveness of the fog lights. It uses a H4 bulb in the high beam area, and you can turn them on only with the low beams, not the parking lights. A lot of these comments are nitpicky.

    Some Z features which would be nice also are the shift light and a center dash mounted digital speedometer -- I'd take that over the compass. For current G35c owners, especially the 6MT, I envy you that you can afford this car.

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    iFest: Toronto

    View Photo Gallery

    What the hell can we say about ImportFest Toronto? I am speechless! Ok, well maybe I have a little to say. This show was amazing and by far one of the best I can think of! Bret Zheng and everyone else responsible put together a huge show with the most giveaways I have ever seen!

    Some of the hottest cars from Canada and the states were on display that will make your jaw drop! Also who could forget the Fashion/Lingerie/Bikini show! Check out all of the amazing pictures if you didnít make it this year and get your ass to next year's show!

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    Gouryella : Ligaya

    Gouryella has had much success. With their first smash single, "Walhalla", Gouryella has been a main staple in the trance scene today. The people behind Gouryella are Dutch producers Ferry Corsten and DJ Tiesto.

    Gouryella recently released the video to Ligaya which means happiness (all our pinoys and pinays out there, y'all should know that) on their website, www.gouryella.com. Interestingly missing from this single is Tiesto who did not work on the song. The video is amazing, and is somewhat reminiscent of their earlier release, Tenshi. The video is very mechanical and provides an eerie element of foreshadowing to what may eventually become of life, with the domination of technology. It is also stunning and has a very "philosophical" and haunting interpretation.

    Ligaya sounds somewhat similar to Tenshi. But the lyrics are simply deep and works well with the song. If you like deep, melodic trance, then this is for you. If you are fans of Tiesto, Ferry, Armin van Buuren, or Gouryella, and the numerous other aliases for these dj's then this song is your best bet.

    For the Ligaya video click here.
    For photos click here.

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