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ZEAL [B2] Coilover

ZEAL, part of the Endless Group, produces a complete line of the highest quality coil over systems made in Japan. The B2 is a popular beginner/intermediate dampening- adjustable full coil over system. This steel-based, street-able application includes lightweight, aluminum rigid upper mounts with rubber bushings for deceased noise levels and elimination of vibration through absorption.

Strut type vehicles use pillow-ball type upper mounts for camber adjustability and direct feel of suspension motion while helping to decrease piston rod tension. Our easy-to-read-and-use, 6-Way Piston Valve Shock dial mechanism adjusts the rebound/compression force and is located on top of the upper mount for adjustment convenience.

The ID60 Swift spring is an original spring with upper and lower portions processed to a flat cut and adjusted for a perfect fit while maintaining stroke and can be adjusted for spring preload. The greatest merit of our lightweight, single-tube type shock absorber is that it is produced with a very large piston for direct feeling and steering response.

All systems are professionally race-tested and developed in Japan by certified engineers. Our coil over systems include hook wrenches, English instructions, decals, and your choice of street or circuit spring rates. Overhauling and revalving capabilities are available in the US.

Endless USA
7283 Murdy Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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Sakura Wars TV : Overture

HOUSTON, April 14, 2003 - ADV Films today announced a July 8, 2003 release date for Sakura Wars TV: Overture, second volume of ADV's DVD release of the title.

Well known for its enthusiastic genre hopping, including robot combat, musical theatre, romance, a dose of history lesson and more, the Sakura Wars franchise-including video games, OVAs and this television series-has proven an enduring fan favorite.

The Story:
The Imperial Flower Combat Troop gains two new members: Kouran the Brain and Kanna the Brawn. But the Evil Darkness has gained new members too: Setsuna the Imp and his trusty companion Resatsu the Lumbering Brute! To make matters worse, the printing shop has delivered the programs for the Gala Premiere and they're full of spelling errors!

Based on the video game that took the world by storm, Sakura Wars TV brings you even more of the beautiful warriors made popular in the Sakura Wars OVA. Can these lovely lasses harness their inner power to defeat the demon world? Will Sakura finally prove herself as a true member of the team? Who will survive when Sumire finds out about her billing in the show?

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Medabots: World-Class Medabots Release Date

HOUSTON, April 3, 2003-ADV Films has set a street date of July 1, 2003 for the home video release of Medabots: World-Class Medabots, the tenth volume of the must-see ABC Family animated series. ADV plans concurrent release of both VHS and DVD versions of Medabots: World-Class Medabots.

Medabots, directed by Katsuhisa Yamada (Battle of the Planets, Devil Hunter Yohko,) is a major franchise in Japan, with sales of comic books, toys, video games, and other licensed merchandise in the millions. In America, television ratings are strong, and merchandise from major vendors such as Hasbro, Topps, NTD Apparel, and Serious USA is selling briskly.

The Story:
All the world's a stage and the medabots and their medafighters are taking the starring roles. The World Robattle Tournament has finally arrived! It's time for Ikki, Koji and Space Medafighter X to step up and prove that the medafighters of Japan are second to none. But it's not going to be easy. Even an exhibition bout with Victor and the team from Kenya proves almost too much to handle when Space Medafighter X is nowhere to be found. And then there are the real matches to worry about. The Carribean team, the French team and the Amigo Brother from Mexico all present their own unique challenges for the Japanese team. Are Ikki and Koji up to the challenge? And will Space Medafighter X ever show up for a match? The long anticipated World Robattle Tournament finally gets underway in this action-packed volume of Medabots!

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So, you've seen all the crazy drifts that other racers do and you're thinking how cool it must be to perform such maneuvers. You look outside and you see your phat ride sitting on your driveway and you can't wait to get in it and find some little place to start drifting. But then it hits you. You don't know to drift. Well, that's what I'm here for.

Let's get to the basics of what drifting. Drifting is the act of getting your car somewhat sideways while still moving in forward momentum. Why would one want to do this? Well for several reasons. Most cars will race using grip driving, meaning they will slow down during their turns and put it into full throttle at the complete of their turn to reinstate their high speed. However, if one were to drift, the loss of speed would not be as significant and turning at sharp corners especially at hairpins would be at a far more advantage than that of an average grip racing driver.

Another point about drifting and why it is becoming more popular is the amount of skill involved. It is becoming evident that almost anyone can accelerate in a straight line and those who participate in drag mainly depend on the performance of the car. Drifting however favors the lightweight, rear wheel driven, lower powered (300 - 500hp) cars.

However, achieving the skills to drift are extremely difficult. It takes much practice, and I strongly advise that people do not do this without the proper precautions taken. If you do not know how to drift, DON'T TRY IT ON THE STREETS! Not only can you hurt yourself and your ride, but also endanger the lives of people around you. I've known numerous people who have tried drifting without the proper training and wrecked ride after ride. Drifting into objects such as curbs or walls can cause serious damage.

Drifting involves the loss of traction meaning you will lose control of the car if not done properly. Another thing, drifting, in many cases is ILLEGAL. People do not drift at 20 mph, so it would be more than likely you are speeding. Also, when drifting on narrow roads, it is necessary that you crossover onto the opposing lane which may cause an accident. Going into parking lots and other such property is trespassing and you are engaging in dangerous activity and some cases drifting can be considered reckless driving.

Having that been said, let's move on to the good part. How can one drift? First off, let's look at the type of car you have. Is your car front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or all wheel drive? This is very important because the ideal layout we are looking for is a rear wheel drive car. If you don't have this type, it will become much more difficult to drift. In some cases, people will say that drifting with a front wheel drive is impossible and that only power sliding is attainable. It is basically the perspective of the person on whether or not you believe an FF can drift or not. But basically, most of techniques are based on rear wheel drive. Reason being is that drifting requires the power from the rear to cause the drift.

In a FF, the power comes from the front, therefore drifting can be, in essence, "impossible". But real brief, the best one can do with FF layout is come into a turn at reasonable speed and quickly pull up the E-brake. Doing so will cause the rear to lose traction. Utilize steering and throttle to avoid spinning out of control and drop the E-brake as you complete the turn. Regain control and continue acceleration. That is basically it for FF cars.

As for rear wheel driven cars, there are several techniques one can use. The most common technique is to approach a turn at a high speed and as you enter the turn, depending on the car, either ease off of the throttle or downshift in order to cause the over steer. Doing so, while popping the clutch and revving the engine will induce a slide.

Another technique that helps cause oversteer is to steer away from a turn and then quickly steering in. This causes the weight of the car to shift from one side to the other and brings the car into a drift.

Now imagine for a moment, you turning and the rear sliding, obviously you will soon spin out of the control. This is where countersteering comes into play. The key is to steer away from the turn enough to avoid spinning out of control. Balancing using countersteering is critical for lack of skill can cause you to fly into a rail or mountainside. If you are highly skilled, countersteering should be minimal, but for those less advanced the E-brake will be utilized to adjust the angle of the drift, but that skill is also far beyond the average drifter.

It is also important that you do not enter the turn at too high of a speed because the drift will become far more difficult and will most likely cause you to understeer and crash.

Sometimes you will have to execute a technique for drifting called the heel and toe. This is to perfect the drift but is also another extremely hard technique to learn. Doing the heel and toe is extremely easy, but utilizing it correctly is hard. You simply break using your toes and at the same time pivot your foot and accelerate with your heel. You can't break too hard or all four wheels will lock up and lose control and cause a spin out. So you can see why mastering this is so hard.

The most challenging part of drifting is consecutive drifts, when one must hold a drift until reaching the next turn when then the driver must shift the drift from one angle to another in order to successfully clear the next turn as well. Some of the most skilled drifters are able to do numerous drifts consecutively without having to come out of the sliding state.

There are other ways to cause a drift. It is also obvious there are certain techniques one can use to perfect drifting. Regrettably, going into detail of all those would be rather hard because as you can see, describing drifting itself is rather confusing. But you can easily master and discover them for yourself if you practice.

Now that the idea is out there, what are the additional pointers? Well, first off is the right car to drift. A popular car used for drifting is Takumi Fujiwara's car (Initial D), the 1986 Corolla GTS Trueno, also known as the Hachi-roku. This car is perfect because of it's low price and its' rear wheel drive layout. That car is highly recommended. As for other cars, there are not many that are ideal for drifting, and the ones that are ideal, unfortunately to say, are not available here the U.S. The Silvia's, Skyline R32, and such are all good cars, but bringing one here is rather challenging. (Editor's note: don't forget the 240sx)

After attaining a drift car, you will also need to adjust suspension. Drifting on stock suspension can be a harsh ride, so springs, shocks, and sway bars are recommended. Tires are also a thing to consider. You need the right tires to drift and be aware that wearing them out quickly will be inevitable since you are sliding on them.

All I can say is practice makes perfect, and if you feel that this is too difficult, then do not try it at all. Drifting is an art far beyond the average driver and I, in no way, condone drifting in the streets. I advise that if you feel the need to drift, then take it an open lot to begin or if you think your more advanced, then take it to the mountains, as long as it is away from other people.

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Mazda Rev It Up : OC

It took four years in the making to plan Mazda Rev It Up. Yes that's about how long it takes most of us to get through high school, well...maybe not me because I wanted to be a super-senior, but most of us anyway. Just kidding. Four years of hard work it took Mazda to plan out the event and what a success it was. Falken Tires, sponsor of the event, along with Eibach, Bosal, Sparco, XBOX, and others took it seriously and helped create the nation's largest driving school and autocross competition.

Mazda 6
Well if you havn't taken a look at the website by now it's because I havn't put the link up. Just read to the bottom and you'll find it. Anyway, the Chariot of Choice is the new Mazda 6 V6 equipped with Falken tires, Eibach Springs, and Bosal Exhaust systems. Everyone drives the same car so everyone is on the same playing field.

Driving School
The driving school aspect of this event is really neat. Pro drivers from every aspect of racing, Indy 500, Daytona, LeMans, you name it, will be at separate driving clinics instructing you how to drive and handle your Mazda 6. Obviously the instruction that is given can be applied to everyday driving or just when you feel like hitting the gas for that SCCA experience.

The Competition
The tour has 15 stops nationwide. Starting in San Francisco, the events take place nationwide and ends in New York, New York. Each city has four classes, Pro, Club, Novice, and Fun. Each class is based on the driver's ability and age group is thrown in there for kicks.

Scoring is not what you do in the bedroom. It's actually a system of how your driving ability is matched and ranked. Throughout the day, a professional driver drives the same track you do and sets a "Pro Driver Index". Your lap times are based on a mathamatical formula and then compared to the Pro Driver's time. Each cone you hit will give you a two second penalty. The points are based on a 1000 point scale. I got 514 points, meaning I did a half ass job. But then again, event winners usually get high 700's and you have to have big huevos to reach the 800's.

The Prize
Most of you know that Mazda is the official sponsor of Laguna Seca Raceway, or something like that. What does that mean? It means the top winners of every event get to race @ Laguna Seca for a chance to win some good stuff!

Website - MazdaRevItUp.com

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Innerlude Interview

I had the privilege to interview the talented and friendly group, Innerlude. Having to catch them before their flight back to San Jose after their performance last night in Seattle, these two sweeties, along with their back up dancers, greeted me with a welcoming smile and a hug. Eric and James not only are known in the singing business, but also help around the community. These brothers truly are inspirational not only as artist, but as people.

PM: Hello guys! Thanks for letting me do this interview, especially right before your flight. How was your trip up here to the every so rainy, windy city of Seattle? Eric: It was cool! Too bad we can't stay longer, then we could go chill and get a bite to eat while doing the interview. But thanks for coming to the airport to do this interview. Well as for Seattle, it's a bit cold from what I'm use to, but you have beautiful scenery and green trees. (laughing)

PM: I know tell me about it, I miss my nice sunny weather in California and Hawai'i. How do you like the entertainment scene here in Seattle?

James: I love Seattle! We've been up here 7 times already since we've been performing. Every time we come to Seattle the crowd is always good. They're always responsive and you guys are one of our favorite places to perform. And I'm not saying that only because you're from here.
(Laughing)Eric: People are nice here. You know when you perform out of town you feel a bit away from home (like homesick), well people here are so nice you don't feel like you're away from home.

PM: So can you tell us a little history of how Innerlude came about?

James: Well Innerlude got started in 1995, actually we have a significant date September 11, 1995. Eric had the idea and came to me with it. To make a long story short, we were in high school and started the group with our friend Cyrus. Which we just did it for fun as a hobby until we happened to be at the right place at the right time where we met our the owner of our record label.

PM: Wow! Good timing I guess you can say. When did you guys first start singing? And is there anyone who inspired you guys to venture into music?

Eric: We didn't really have gigs, we would just hang out and sing out in public to get as much as exposure in public. How we got introduce to the scene, was we did a radio event. You know where they have radio vans that give away stuff, well we sang for them on the air and liked us that we got introduce to the program director for a radio station who put us on tour with them.
James: At first we were back up singers and after the 6-month tour. After that we began to work on the Innerlude project.

PM: Is there anyone who inspired you guys to venture into music?

Eric: First the guy up there (pointing to the sky) God.

James: God is our biggest inspiration. We heavily practiced our religion as Christians, Catholic Christians. That one of my foregoing motivating factors. Also Celine Deion, as a singer, has also inspired me. She personifies everything a star should have.

PM: Since you guys are Catholics, what did you give up for Lent?

James & Eric: Most people would laugh that we gave this up, but since we're Filipino it was hard for us to, but we gave up RICE!

PM: I know recording in the studio and making an appearance are two different things. Which do you both prefer and why?

James: I like definitely making an appearance more, whereas, in the studio you have to be your own actor, because you don't have people there giving you feedback. There's nothing like it when you make appearance, it's such a rush, the biggest high. Eric: Yeah, you get to see the feedback for all the preparations you've done.

PM: So when will you guys be releasing your album?

Eric: May 20th. I think it will be a lot better than the first album. We're not sure yet if we want to have any featured artist.

PM: Sorry to be nosey, but I know a lot of people who remember you guys back in the days as a trio. May we ask what happened to the third member, Cyrus?

James: In every situation in a group everyone has different personalities. It's not always easy to get along, well with certain issues. I think we all were on different pages with our careers and wanted different things from this. I think at the time Cyrus felt it wasn't for him anymore. It was a mutual agreement to go separate ways. Like it was a good breakup I guess you can say.

PM: Okay enough, of the basic interview questions. Lets get more into Eric and James outside from music. So what's a regular day in the life of Eric and James?

James: Well we've been pretty busy lately with our album coming out. We go to the studio at least 3 times a week. Eric is usually in the studio a lot while I'm at school, which I'll be graduating in business-marketing this May. Eric: We're people too. We go to the movies and mall. It's not always business.

PM: What does a girl need to do to impress you? And I know all the ladies out there are probably wondering, are you guys single? James: For, I like it when a girl is real. I don't know if that an ambiguous answer. It's more attractive to me when a girl is herself. Not being fake, but real. Eric: Someone who likes me for me. Not just because I sing, but me as a person.

PM: Some fellow model friends of mine wanted me to ask you this, the Michael Jordan questions "boxers or briefs"? Eric & James: Looks at each other laughing and smiled and said, "Boxers!"

PM: What is each of your guys' most embarrassing moments? James: Mine has to be forgetting my lines. Out of the 7 years I've been performing, I have forgotten them once or twice. It a combination of nerves. I'm human and I forgot. Eric: Once I dropped my microphone. One time I sang off tune, but it wasn't as bad as forgetting my lines.

PM: So James, have people came up to you on the street and ask "Aren't you that guy from American Idol"? How was the experience being one of the finalist to make it? James: My experience being on American Idol was a great experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Although I would have liked to have made it to the finals, I know it wasn't my time. But through the experience I learned a lot of things, met great people, it was such a wonderful experience.

PM: Do you have any goals set for yourselves? And where can we see you next? Eric: We're just trying to get this album completed. That is our goal right now. We have to have our songs and finished in 3 weeks.

PM: Any closing remarks you'd like to say to your fans or shoutouts you'd like to give? We'd like to give a shoutout to Prescilla for coming out. I'd like to thank you for all your support for coming out here to do this interview and giving us the opportunity to plug our album coming out May 20th, 2003. Check out our website if you have questions at www.innerlude.com.

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Zone of the Enders-Dolores,i: Only The Strong Survive Release Date

HOUSTON, April 3, 2003-ADV Films today set a release date of July 1, 2003 for Zone of the Enders-Dolores, i: Only the Strong Survive, a DVD-only release of the fifth volume of the television series. Originally created as a companion to the Playstation game, and a follow-up to the OVA Zone of the Enders-IDOLO, Zone of the Enders-Dolores, i is set in a distant future in which human colonization of Earth's solar system extends to Mars and beyond, and relationships between the humans on different colonies are decidedly hostile.

The Story:
Get ready for action as the war for Mars rears its ugly head. James Links is finding it no easier to keep his friends than it is to evade his enemies. And tearful reunions and departures bring the Links family closer to their ultimate fate. In this uncertain world there are surprises and setbacks, but the headstrong family bond is keeping the Links' defiant. They are determined to do the right thing not only for Orbital Frame Dolores and for Mars, but the whole galaxy as well.

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VIP Model Ms. Kerryann

NAME: Kerryann
BIRTHDATE: 2-11-81
SIGN: Aquarius
ETHNICITY: Spanish,Portuguese,Irish, and Filipina.
STATUS: Taken.
HEIGHT: 5'8''
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
CONTACT: kerryann@kerryannonline.com
WEBSITE: www.kerryannonline.com under construction
Yahoo Group - Kerryann

Tall, beautiful, kind hearted, and goofy model Kerryann took time to sit and do an interview with me. This amazing gal is such a wonderful person. But don't be fooled by just her gorgeous looks, because this model has such a great personality to back it up.

Ms. Kerryann spent her first 7 years growing up in the continent where you can find kangaroos and boomerangs, Darwin, Australia. Later she moved from Australia to Seattle, Washington (where she spent pretty much most of her life).

Kerryann expresses, "I love living in Washington, even though it rains most of the time. I constantly rant about the weather and bad drivers, but honestly I couldn't live anywhere else...its beautiful here!"

Wondering why she has such an exotic look? Well if she is a mix of Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, Filipina, and Australian. Wow! What a mix! Growing up she never really had a problem fitting in since all her friends were mixed also. Her fondest memories were when she went camping with her whole familia. She never really spent time in the actually "outback" besides going camping. Darwin she says was a pretty big city and so she has been a "city girl" pretty much her whole life. However, she does enjoy camping, hiking, 4 wheeling and snow-mobiling, and even hunting and fishing thanks to her Step-Father who was born in Montana.

Modeling appealed Kerryann to want to venture into , because of the money and meeting people. By meeting people she hoped to have her car sponsored. But meeting people period was the main attraction. Here she says she has met a lot of cool people in the import industry and made some good friends.

Kerryann: "My modeling experience has been good, fun, and very rewarding. Fortunately, I haven't had any horrible experiences... Plus all the great people I have met through all of this has made it so worth wild!!!"

You may have seen Ms. Kerryann featured on many import and model related websites. She also has modeled at a few carshows in the Northwest such as Import Motion in both Portland and Seattle and Import Fest in Canada. You might have also seen her getting her groove on at couple of local clubs, mainly at The Standard, but she also has done a lot of modeling outside of the import scene as well. It is amazing to think this beautiful lady has only been in the scene for 8 months and has done so much. (You go girl!)

Funny thing most people probably don't know is Kerryann got into the import scene, because she was into cars. She was into the drag racing first of all. Actually she was into domestic muscle and lowriders at first (giving thanks to her mother and her Z28's and Caddy's). However, later a couple of friends of her got her into it.

Kerryann: "I was like hey these little 4 bangers can actually make power and look good at it too that was years and years and some more years ago, and from there on I wanted to be in it so I started racing, my first race was in a 88 CRX then my first Honda car was a 2000 EBP Si, man I loved that car! "

Projects the lovely Kerryann currently has lined up is she is trying to get her own website finished and she also is trying to get into modeling outside of import scene. That way she won't have to be modeling and can show her car. While laughing she tells me to tell everyone to look out for a CW EK JDM CTR (Chamionship White 98 Japanese Domestic Market Civic Type R) in the very near future at a Northwest carshow and also a CRVTEC powered charcoal gray 92' Civic Hatch at the track (both Auto-X and Drag). Yes fellas this girl knows her information about cars.

Okay, I know you guys are probably sick of hearing about cars and modeling now, so I got to know a little more in depth about what Ms. Kerryann thinks about certain issues.

I asked, "What are guys always getting wrong about women?" Kerryann explains that guys think women want someone who will do everything we ask and let us do as we please, but really all women want is someone to dominate us, keep us in check without crossing the line. At least that's how most women are she expresses.

Kerryann: "We don't want weak men, we want men that won't let us walk all over them, but at the same time treat us with respect."

She believes confidence is what makes a woman sexy. She believes a woman could be any size, shape or race, as long as she is confident in herself and secure with her body. However, in her opinion Kerryann says there are so many things that make a women sexy besides their looks that defining sexy is one word that is impossible.

Okay fellas, now you're probably wondering how you can impress a model. Well for Ms. Kerryann, she says..."Be so freaking stupid, crazy, out there...nothing tops a good sense of humor for me. NOTHING! (I'm a big time dork so therefore we would need to be on the same page). I know all the single fellas were probably wondering this, but SORRY guys the lovely Kerryann is not single.

Kerryann admits she was a wuss when it came to truth or dare. She always usually picked truth. Although one time she picked dare and jumped off a cliff that was 30 feet high into a lake. She expresses how she was scared to death of hitting the bottom. I told her shoot I would be too.

Kerryann enjoys jamming in her car to DJ Tiesto, Outkast, Linkin Park, Incubus, and Sean Paul. And says three words that would describe herself are "Tall, Fun, and Dorky". One thing she would have done in her life differently would be, to go back to Australia before her grandmother passed away, because she wasn't able to see her at all ever since she left Australia.

Kerryann: I would like to thank first Prescilla for doing this interview on me, all of the VIP ladies and staff for their support, my man "Jorge"(hehe), Paul from Glynt Studios, Paul from NWSR, Alexia Lei for always being there with me girl I love you! And of course all my people who have supported me as fans even though I feel weird saying fans. My fans are great and I wuv them!!! I would also like to give a shout out to all of our troops who are not able to be with their loved ones and all the innocent people who might be caught in between the line of fire in the war, its so sad that it has to come to war but all we can do is pray for hope that it ends very soon!

As you can see our lovely model, Ms. Kerryann is truly a down to earth type of lady. She is not only has the looks, but the personality to go with it. I have had the privilege to get to know this wonderful girl personally. So don't forget to check out her site and show her some support!

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On the Scene 4.17.03

Send us stuff you want to see in OntheScene. If it's interesting we'll give you nothing.

Last update: 3.17.03

Tax day just passed and we are officially broke. Go buy something from the shop to help keep Apt107.com alive for a few more days.

Next weekend it's the SEMA IAS show in downtown LA. Come hang out w/ all the hobos downtown and say hi. Oh yeah, there will also be lots of hot cars and ladies inside the convention center as well.

Scientist have fold that Botox injections are helping kids with cerebral palsy by relaxing their muscles. Now Botox is not just for old wrinkly people or vain Hollywood types.

Episode Showcase in beautiful San Diego, CA this weekend. Still plenty of time to get your free tickets from your friends here at Apt107.com

Check out this car we saw at Irwindale during the RS-R event.

Want free Stuff?

We always knew that Saddam was a little queer. Now here's proof from Yahoo of all places.

BMW and GM will work jointly on developing refueling devices for liquid hydrogen vehicles. So far no other auto manufacturer's have express interest in joining this pursuit because it will cost $1M to make a liquid hydrogen car.

Speaking of BMW, spy shots of the new 5 series looks wacked. Apparently they will also put in the knobby iDrive control system in the 5 series.

Flying cat.

As if Puff Daddy wasn't big enough, now he's looking to develop his own video game. Knight Ridders newspapers reports that "The game will allow players to "create an entertainment conglomerate" by signing music acts, spending on marketing campaigns, and acquiring various assets. Kind of like a rapper's version of Sim City."

We say Rockstar Games should make a version of this for the GTA series where you chase after posers who don't make back their record advance. You come and jack their Escalade, bling-bling and break some fingers.

Girls Gone Wild founder was charged with filming some under age girls. We'll wait and see if the charges will stick. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Leave the perversions to the real pornographers.

If you were dying to go eat at Britney Spear's restaurant in NY, don't bother because it just closed its door leaving $400,000 in unpaid bills.

Sharon Osbourne got into a little scuffle w/ the talent agent who won the $15,000 necklace at the Osbourne's New Year's Eve party last year. Sharon not too shaken up in the brawl vows that she will get Ozzy to bite her head off soon.

OntheScene-ster's just got in a set of Lava Lighting Angel Eyes for the BMW project car. We'll have pics up shortly unless they destroy it over this weekend. Check out Lava Lighting for more info on these killer lights.

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RS-R Drift Festival

Gallery Page 1 |

Gallery Page 1 |

As the drift hype comes to a rise in the US, the shows and events have been just as exciting. First with Drift Showoff, now comes Drift Festival. Over time, more and more drivers from Japan and their cars are hitting up the US Drift Scene in unheard numbers. Coming summer of 03' Southern California will experience it's first D1 Grand Prix.

RS-R, Advan Yokohama along with Mainstream Productions hosted Drift Fest. RS-R brought over two of its J-Spec cars specifically for the event. A Supra dressed with C-West goodies and a Fairlady Z. For those of you who have no idea what the heck a Fairlady Z is, it's a Nissan 350Z with a sexier name, we like sexy.

Since the track has pros, there must be amateurs. The amateur competition consisted of a bunch of warmup laps and two main competition laps. Alex Pfeiffer took home the glory in the amateur competition while Andy Yen and Ernie Fixmer took second and third respectively.

In addition to the drifting, a mini car show was held in the lot next to the drift course. That wasn't too great because only about 20~30 cars showed up for the competition. Nothing like the quantities of JDM and DTM rides at Drift Showoff. So if you like drifting and if you like going sideways, just remember to come out to these events to slide your ride! Stay tuned as the D1 US Stop comes in August.

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