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On the Scene 5.16.03

Send us stuff you want to see in OntheScene. If it's interesting we'll give you nothing.

Last update: 5.16.03

We're off like a prom dress to E3 this week but here's some pics of our new project cars for the upcoming Gangsta' Paradise movie.

ATV Fury
Old Skool

The last Jedi Knight. Damn are we screwed.

Free shipping on Best Motoring Tokyo Auto Salon DVD. $19.95. Get these now before our interns steal them all.

Check out the Extreme Ballers Bash in Monterey, CA this Saturday. Come check out the hottest cars, models and all sorts of other goodies that NoCal has to offer.

Upcoming events: Not too late to WIN FREE TICKETS to these events. Grab them now before somebody steals them all from us.

HIN Long Beach, CA - the big bad pimp daddy of all HIN shows is back in town to thrill you. Come hang out w/ us as we bring you a very special surprise guest.

IDRC East Coast Nationals, Maryland Int'l Raceway, MD

Import Xpression, Atlanta, GA - see how they do it in the dirty South.

HIN, Houston, TX
Import Xtreme Showdown, Honolulu, HI

HIN, Orlando, FL

Matrix: Reloaded this week. This one will definitely leave you wanting more.

Judging from the trailers for The Fast n' Furious 2 we have to give it our nod of approval even though the title "2 Fast 2 Furious" is 2 wank. The industry preview night for this film is this Saturday and of course we are allowed nowhere near that place. Email Universal and tell them that OntheScene-ster's rock and should be treated like Elvis.

BMW's F1 driver Juan Montoya was caught doing 204kph in southern France and got his license taken away. "He was ordered to hand over his driving licence pending a judicial investigation. Local officials said that Montoya was facing a two-month suspension from driving in France, but that would not affect his participation in the French Grand Prix."

The FUTURE of racing in America.

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Toda S2K VTEC Cams

The 2.0 liter F20C used in the S2000 is one of Honda's most advanced engines, producing an astonishing 120hp per liter. This engine is highly optimized from the factory and as most have discovered, obtaining additional normally aspirated power isn't as easily achievable as with other Honda engines. The The use of advanced engine design technology, such as the IBM CATIA CAD and other engineering simulation software has allowed TODA Racing to design camshafts that improve power output and maintain great drivability.

Website - TodaRacing.com.

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HOUSTON, May 1, 2003 - ADV Films today announced that the firm will distribute AN Entertainment's premiere title, Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety. The first volume of the series will street July 8, 2003. Join young Moe, the devilish apprentice death spirit Risky, and the pure-hearted apprentice angel Safety in a funny and touching all-ages tale of fate, friendship, love, and the cosmic balance of the universe-plus a few giant monsters!

Comprised of twenty-four mini episodes, Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety is based on manga created by Ray Omishi (Sorcerer Hunters, MAZE) and animated by Studio A.P.P.P. (Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, Robot Carnival).

The English version is produced by popular dubbing studio Bang Zoom! Entertainment and features noteworthy vocal performances by Sandy Fox (Chobits, Cowboy Bebop), Michelle Ruff (Sugar, X), and Julie Ann Taylor (Love Hina, Please Teacher!). Famed Japanese voice actress and vocalist Maaya Sakamoto (Vision of Escaflowne, RahXephon) provides the ethereal closing theme song and the voice of Moe in its original Japanese language.

The Story:
Thinking that she can never see her boyfriend again, Moe's despair summons a spunky soul collecting apprentice spirit of death named Risky. Risky urges Moe to depart the mortal realm, leaving behind her precious soul until a glimmer of hope and a brief smile on Moe's face causes Risky to transform into Safety, a polite and proper apprentice angel who just happens to share a body with Risky. Accompanied by this feisty apprentice devil/delicate apprentice angel, Moe's life suddenly becomes a humorous and touching trial as she struggles to balance her love life with protecting her schoolmates from Risky's devilish clutches. The best of Japanese animation, combined with a charming universal story about the struggle between light and dark, make Moe's adventure a contemporary fairy tale for all ages!

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Fully Loaded Release Party

Gallery Page 1 |

The Official On The Scene 2: Fully Loaded DVD Canadian release party presented by Live Sockets Entertainment, ESSI:JI, Apartment107.com, Mantique Fashions, and the o2 Crew, was held on 26 April 2003, at Vancouver, BC's unequaled Atlantis Nightclub.

Doors opened at 8:30 and people immediately began piling in and finding a spot to take in the amazing show. By 9:00, the audience was treated to a couple powerful ballads, and some of the hottest models Vancity has to offer. Then, before we knew it, 10:00 had rolled around and the Fashion Show was all over. But people weren't going anywhere: they all knew Atlantis is the place to be for a hot time, with DJ's Downlowe and Kidd spining the best of R&B, hip hop and radio hits.

Everywhere one looked, there were great looking girls and guys gettin' crazy and having a fun time. Make sure to be "on the scene" with Live Sockets and Apartment 107 for our next DVD release party, On The Scene 3!

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HOUSTON, April 23, 2003 - ADV Films today announced a July 22, 2003 release date for the second volume of the acclaimed anime series Full Metal Panic! Deftly combining mecha combat, martial arts, international criminal intrigue, high-school politics and a dash of teen romance, Full Metal Panic! was enthusiastically received by viewers in Japan. Stateside excitement is running particularly high, as the manga Full Metal Panic!, which was published in Japan before the release of the anime, has since November 2002 been appearing in serial form in Newtype USA magazine.

The creative staff behind Full Metal Panic! is extraordinarily strong. The series was directed by Kouichi Chigara (Gate Keepers, Phantom Quest Corps) and produced by GONZO Digimation (Hellsing, Blue Sub No. 6).

The Story:
They say vacations never go according to plan, and school trips are no exception. Instead of enjoying sunny skies in Okinawa, Sousuke and Kaname's classmates are under cloud cover in Siberia, playing the part of hostages. A vicious and unbalanced terrorist has kidnapped Kaname to donate her brain to science-with or without her consent! Will Sousuke and MITHRIL be able to scramble an ad-hoc rescue? Will they be able to get everyone out alive? Get ready as Full Metal Panic! launches into its second stunning volume!

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Motorcity Import

The Motorcity, at the heart of all domestic automobile corporations, one would expect very little for an import scene. Little would one know...and like any true ride, it takes dicipline, some money, patience, and a great amount of creativity, to stand out from the rest. Team Captain Ryan Curtis of Team Hayasa would be one of the few that stand out in the scene. He began building his 1998 Honda Civic last year, when he was only 17. The bright OEM red paint job was a perfect start. Powdercoated white 17" alloys wrapped in Dunlop rubber 215/40/17, a GTR fiberglass spoiler, and an APC carbonfiber hood followed. Performance was enhanced with an N1 Exhaust. As the months progressed, the Honda was facelifted with a Jitsu front bumper, Black Widow side skirts, and a Buddy Club rear. Audio was enhanced with a Sony Xplode speaker system. With a touch of creativity, Ryan decided to build his own shift knob rather than conforming to a mass produced set. With a touch of an underbody neon, Tenzo R racing seats, and an outstand body graphic design, one may think the car is complete for the show...

...Little did they know, Auto Exstacy 2002 would be the last time this Red Civic would be recognized. Ryan was determined to set off the car from the rest. Though it looked good in red, it wasn't good enough for the young tuner. In March of 2003, the graphics were torn off and the whole car was stripped in preperation, all done by Ryan himself with some assistance from the growing car club. Preperation for what? Not your typical green and purple Chameleon. Mother of them all, by the end of March, the once bright red Civic transformed into another color...or should I say colors. Copper, gold, maroon Chameleon was the new paint scheme giving this one of the most eye catching cars on the street. Thats right, this bad boy is daily driven. Soon after the paint, serious engine modifications came into play with a new AEM air intake and an HRP chrome header. The interior was custom molded with a guage pod by Ryan himself making it look like one peice blended with the dash. From the doors to the center console, the there is no inch of the interior without a hint of "custom". With the coilovers slammed to the ground and the paint shining bright, you can expect to see photos of this car featured in magazines followed by the many car shows it will be attending this year.

Things you can expect for next year would be....lets not spoil it. Lets enjoy it when it happens. And when it comes down to it, little do you ever see such a young tuner, recently just turned 19 years old, having so much done to such a ride; all legit that is. Not to mention Ryan's own experties in doing most of his major custom work on his own, from body to the designing. Most cars like Ryan's have owners claiming of their proud occupation in blah blah blah Engineering, Corporation, ect. Ryan Curtis happens to be a proud employee of Taco Bell proving nothing is achieved with out hard work and patience.

Website - www.teamhayasa.tk

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HOUSTON, April 23, 2003 - ADV Films today announced a July 15, 2003 release for Yokai Monsters: 100 Monsters, second of three breathtaking and delightfully strange 1960s Yokai Monsters theatrical features slated for release on ADV Films' Rubbersuit Pictures imprint.

Featuring a cast of scores of "Yokai"-benevolent spirits that permeate Japanese folklore, and which were hinted at in the Academy Award-nominated Hayao Miyazaki film Spirited Away-the Yokai Monsters titles were produced by studio Daiei, makers of such classic titles as Daimajin and the Gamera series.

The Story:
A crooked Shrine Magistrate and a greedy developer scheme to evict residents from an apartment building and demolish the adjoining shrine, forcing the townspeople into submission. When the apartment owner attempts to reclaim the property, he is murdered, and a masterless samurai with deep secrets steps into the fray. The situation in the human world is definitely awry, and as in the past, the Yokai (Spirit Monsters) must take action to correct the wrongs. Divine justice is coming!

Yokai Monsters: many legends, but only one message: Heed the spirits, or face their wrath!

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On the Scene 5.07.03

Send us stuff you want to see in OntheScene. If it's interesting we'll give you nothing.

Last update: 5.08.03

OntheScene-ster's just got back from the Rim of the World Rally race this past weekend in beautiful Palmdale. Besides the nice weather on Friday, it was a wet and wild weekend. Thanks to the Gravel Crew, SPI Motorsports and everyone else who hung out w/ us during the event. Expect to see this in the Drift USA DVD coming out soon. Congrats to Dave Higgins for winning this year's ProRally Class in his Evo. We got a chance to check out the new WRX STi model there as well.

Check out some shots from the event.

image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4

NEWS ALERT - For all you old fogeys who don't like to order crap thru the Internet, you can now call us at (714)534-8421 between 9am-6pm PST. If you think "the Man" is tracking your data online, we'll answer any questions you may have about products and take your order over the phone. Don't call us if you are feeling lonely or want to meet hot girls, we don't give out model phone #'s...anymore.

E3 convention is back in LA next week and here's what we are looking forward to seeing and hearing about:

Gran Turismo 4 - Sony will be announcing the release of this title just in time for Xmas 2003. What this means is that all the rice racketeers will be pillaging the malls to get their grubby little hands on a copy of this racing game.

Here's what we already know about the game:
1. It's going to kick ass.
2. It's going to have over 1000 cars in the game.
3. It's going to consume all of our time for a few months so don't expect this column to be updated as often.
We're hoping there will be online play options for this game.

Metal Gear Solid 3 - Konami will debut MGS3 at the show. No word on what the hell this game is about yet but we suspect that it's going to kick ass.

Mario Kart: Double Dash - This time around the karts will have a co-driver who will be responsible for power-ups and weapons. At last count the game will feature 16 characters including some who have not yet appeared in the OG Mario Kart.

Halo 2: Microsoft will be teasing everyone w/ a preview of this game and the Combat Evolved version for the PC at E3 this year. However, Halo 2 will not be ready for release 'til 2004. What a pisser. Another total drag is that Activision will not be showing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 at this year's show. The game won't be ready 'til 2004 as well.

Of course this year's show will also feature a bunch of games from the Final Fantasy, Starcraft/Warcraft and Resident Evil series that we totally suck at playing. Stay tuned for more updates on this year's show next week.

In Rock n' Roll news - our favorite punkers the Stupor Stars opened for the Dickies this past weekend. If you haven't heard of them buy the On the Scene 2: Fully Loaded DVD and see why they are the shiat.

Civic jump. This is reality TV at its finest.

Check out spy shots of the 2005 BMW M6. Nasty. We're going to start looking at the Audi S4's from now on.

In boy racer news…Honda will be producing a hardtop S2000 for all the macho men who didn't want to be caught dead in a girly convertible. This is not a removable hardtop like the present model.

Britney Spears was on MTV's Punk'd this week wearing a skimpy top showing her saggy boobs. We definitely don't think that they have been enhanced after seeing that. Don't believe us? (click here)

Apparently old habits are hard to break. OC's the Offspring accused of ripping off an Agent Orange riff in their hit "Come out and Play" has stolen the title of the long awaited Guns N' Roses release Chinese Democracy for their new album.

According to MTV News in a statement Offspring singer Dexter Holland said "You snooze you lose"…"Axl ripped off my braids, so I ripped off his album title." The Offspring record is due in stores early summer. To further illustrate that stealing is wrong we suggest that everyone go on Kazaa and rip off the album when it comes out. Maybe then the Offspring will stop their kleptomania.

Courtney Love was named Spin Magazine's sleaziest artist for her alleged drug use while pregnant and threats to kill journalists. Oh yeah…let's not forget the fact that she killed Kurt Cobain as well. Rounding out the top five were Ike Turner, Gene Simmons, R. Kelly and Michael Jackson.

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Eden's Bowy : Hot Pursuit

HOUSTON, April 17, 2003 - ADV Films today announced a July 15, 2003 release date for Eden's Bowy: Hot Pursuit, second volume of the acclaimed anime fantasy series, noted for its multilayered complexity and its ability to appeal to a wide range of anime fans. Eden's Bowy is based on a manga by Tennoji Kitsune, and was directed by Tsukasa Sunaga (Southern Cross), with character designs by Kazui Hiroko (Ranma ½, Oh! My Goddess!).

The Story:
Yorn, Elisis, and that strange old man are on a quest-and on the run! No matter how fast they fly, the assassins from Eden are one step behind and gaining fast. Maybe it's the technology: radar, hovercraft, and a submarine mecha you've got to see to believe! These killers sport as much horsepower as firepower. How can a kid with a funky sword, a shapeshifting girl, and an aging warrior hope to make it in one piece?

The adventures of Eden's Bowy continue! Yorn and his friends battle the enemy, the elements, and their own empty bellies in their quest to save the earth from the twin terrors of Yanuess and Yulgaha. What enemies lurk beneath the sea? What horrors haunt the desert cathedral? And what happens when an assassin tempts the God Hunter toward Eden?

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Innovative Turbo Thick-Wall Headers for Turbochargers

Innovative Turbo Systems introduces a line of thick-wall stainless steel headers that make it easy to add a variety of turbochargers—such as T3, T4, TO4E GT and various hybrid turbos—to many popular sport compact 4-cylinder cars. Available applications include Acura Integras; Honda Preludes, VTEC Accords, drag-racing B16, B18 and H22 Civics; Nissan 240SXs; Mitsubishi Eclipses and Lancers; Saturns; Ford Focuses; Mazda Protégés; Toyota Celicas and MR2 Spyders.

Each header is custom crafted at Innovative Turbo Systems to accept the customer’s choice of turbocharger and wastegate, depending on the desired power level. These headers allow you to easily install one of Innovative’s outstanding T3/TO4E dual ball-bearing hybrid turbochargers or one of the larger T4 GT Series turbos. They also work with other companies’ turbos, including the cost-effective BW-AirWerks turbochargers, which are available from Innovative.

Innovative Turbo Systems’ equal-length headers are polished for outstanding looks, and they feature Innovative’s own merge collector and beefy flange for proper sealing. In addition, the stainless steel headers feature thick walls for durability, and they can easily support the weight of the turbocharger without the need for additional brackets.

Retail price: $1,440 for most applications listed above. Headers can be custom made for other applications; call for more information. Retail pricing for Innovative Turbo Systems’ dual ball-bearing turbos starts at $1,920. Flanges and merge collectors also are available separately; call for details.

Innovative Turbo Systems (ITS) provides simply the best in performance turbochargers, components, accessories, systems and service. Since ITS is made up of racers, it provides racers’ insights into problem solving and product selection. The ITS team’s competitive nature, technical expertise and hands-on approach drives it to develop innovative new products that outperform all others.

Innovative Turbo Systems
845 Easy St. #102
Simi Valley, CA 93065

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