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Endless Brake Pad: Type NA-D

"D" is for Drifting, the ever-popular driving style born in Japan that involves both power and grace. This specific non-asbestos compound produced by the Endless Group is available only as a rear set and is often utilized with rear-drive E-brake drifting techniques. This pad is popular amongst vehicles such as, but not limited to, the 240SX, RX-7, Corolla, Impreza, and even the Honda Civic.

Used on winding roads and the circuit for the experienced user, a high grip tire is recommended for rear disc grip. The appropriate rotor temperature is between 150 and 840 Fahrenheit with great initial response, good pedal feel, controllability and fade resistance. With the D1GP and many other drift events becoming popular here in the states, this is a sure bet for all you drifters! For a full-line up, please refer to our pad application list. We recommend drifting only on a closed-course circuit!

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STILLEN 350Z Supercharger

After considerable research and development, the STILLEN Supercharger for the Nissan 350Z is available at last. Offering reliable Eaton Twin-Screw performance proven in real world situations, the STILLEN Supercharger gives the 350Z an absolute edge in power. Along with the performance, reliability and cost were top factors in development. STILLEN engineers chose the Eaton for its known reputation as a dependable, excellently performing blower that maintains a reasonable cost while still allowing incredible horsepower and torque gains.

The STILLEN Supercharger is designed to mount directly to the top of the 3.5-Liter, offering easier installation. As this unit requires replacement or modification of the stock hood, STILLEN's in-house design studio developed both a bolt-on hood scoop, and complete hood replacement.

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TYPE HE DAMPER has been designed for drifting performance. It has a specific damping force and spring rate to optimize an easy control. It has also adapted a full length adjustable height system for a wide range of height set ups. These combined features improve the drifting experience. TYPE HE is for the driver who is seeking a complete drifting suspension.

Mazda RX-7 86-91 DSM00-Y2SS1 $1,490.00
Nissan 240SX 89-94 DSN20-Y2SS1 $1,360.00
Nissan 240SX 95-98 DSN66-Y2SS1 $1,380.00

HE Function

  • Specified damping force and spring rate set up for drifting
  • Full Length adjustable
  • 16 levels of damping force adjustability

    Contents of damper kit:

  • Adjustable shock absorber X4
  • Spring X4
  • Pillow ball upper mount X4
  • Lower Spring Seat X4
  • Seat lock X4
  • Bump Rubber X4
  • Hook Spanner X2

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    350 Z KAAZ Solid Limited Slip Differential

    Unlike the old design, which used only 8 clutch plates, the new design incorporates 24 clutch plates. This new design makes it 67% more aggressive than the previous design. Also more plates reduces the clutch wear and chattering sound than the previous version. This unit will directly fit the Viscous LSD equipped 350 Z without any additional parts. Open Diff 350 Z will require output flanges replacement from the Viscous type. Units are already in stock and readily available from KAAZ USA.

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    HOUSTON, May 21, 2003 - ADV Films today announced a July 22, 2003 release date for Super Duper Sumos: Sumo Squeezo, the fifth volume of the hit DIC Entertainment animated series. The title will be available on both DVD and VHS.

    The zany series was a smash hit on the BBC in the U.K., and is currently airing on Nickelodeon in the U.S. on the network's Sunday afternoon SLAM block. Ratings have been strong, drawing a mean market share of 4.49 among boys ages six to 11, with a whopping high of 6.42. Audiences are captivated by the three large sumo wrestlers who lead the show, with the large fellows' bewilderment at the modern world matched only by their enthusiasm for combating wrongdoers.

    The Story:
    Gluteus Maximus! Booma loves peace and avoids trouble by sitting things out, but the other Super Duper Sumos need Booma and his butt to save Generic City from Bad Inc. Ms. Mister has set her sights on canceling Christmas, and if the sumos fail to stop killer nutcrackers and monster Christmas trees, Santa may put everyone on the naughty list forever!

    Then Booma, Mamoo, and Kimo take a crash course in fashion to foil the latest Bad Inc. monster: a super hip robot that is so bad, he's cool. And if that robot won't succeed, they'll try, try again, replacing Kimo with a sumo robot that has a crush on a toaster! Worse, Booma and Mamoo barely notice!

    Golf provides no relief; Kimo has his tee time canceled when Bad Inc. creates an army of mindless adolescent zombies. A long-lost golf pro and a game of "Whack-A-Sumo" make this golf game one to remember!

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    On the Scene 5.22.03

    Send us stuff you want to see in OntheScene. If it's interesting we'll give you nothing.

    Last update: 5.22.03

    We're back from e3 and this is what we gotta tell you about:

    GT4 - This one's looking way sick and the new Logitech Driving Force Pro steering wheel is going to kick ass. Unfortunately both these items will probably not be ready to ship 'til early '04. Trust us when we say that it will be worth the wait.

    R Racing Revolution - aka Ridge Racer. Only thing Namco showed us was the preview movie. It looks very nice as expected. This time around they will be using officially licensed vehicles including some from the JGTC racing series. Sweet!

    Street Racing Syndicate - This one looks impressive w/ opportunities for players to date real life import models thus fulfilling every little import show goin' horndog's dream.

    THPS underground (T.H.U.G.) - Combine skating w/ GTA Vice City like qualities and you get this game. This game will be allowing players to upload their ugly mugs into the game so you can play as yourself or some best yet hot super models. Bad thing is that this game won't be available 'til 2004. In the meantime go out and actually skate you couch potatoes!

    This weekend HIN rolls into the LBC. This one's going to be a winner. We'll also debut the High Octane USA title at this show. Come check out one of the best new titles on the import scene.

    In even more exciting news, the Live Sockets E36 project car is near completion. We can smell the women hovering over this baby now. Here's what we have so far on the car:

    LavaLighting - ZKW Ellipsoid, LL Angel Eyes
    DTM Autohaus - Rieger Infinity I Kit
    Team Prototype - Carbon Fiber Splitter and stabilizer bars
    Rite Way Auto - Monte Carlo Blue Pearl Paint
    Excelon Enterprises - Carbon Fiber hood

    Here's what's bolting on next week.
    Active Autowerke:
    - Cold Air intake
    - Performance Chip
    - Gen 3 Exhaust

    We're going to dyno this baby and let you know all that technical stuff as well. In the meantime check out pics of the car:

    (image 1)
    (image 2)
    (image 3)
    (image 4)

    Upcoming shows:
    IDRC East Coast Nationals, Maryland Int'l Raceway, MD

    Import Xpression, Atlanta, GA - see how they do it in the dirty South.

    HIN, Houston, TX
    Import Xtreme Showdown, Honolulu, HI

    HIN, Orlando, FL

    Check out the Sabotawj record. Why? Because we say so.

    Free toy car and shipping w/ HOUSA. US show coverage, drifting, drag racing…blah, blah, blah. Get it or else.

    The Locust record on Epitaph drops June 26th. If you love people screaming and yelling sh!t at you then you'll love this album.

    Mercedes is putting the SL55 to pasture and will be introducing the SL65 next year w/ the twin Turbo, 12 Cylinder setup. Guys w/ small penises everywhere are rejoicing.

    Kelly Osbourne got dropped from the Sony label like a bad pop star. Don't think she's going out w/ that dufus from the Used anymore either. If you want to get on the Osbournes TV show start trying to get into her pants.

    Heard thru the grapevine that some corporate mucky mucks tried to trademark the word "Drift" and "Drifting". Suckas, drifting belongs to the people. That's like trying to trademark the word "import" or "models". Good luck!

    Some kid was killed in the 'wood after a 50 Cent concert by car jackers who wanted the spinning dubs on his Lexus. Damn let them have it…even though it cost like $2-3K for them wheels a piece. You can always claim them w/ the insurance company.

    Speaking of 50 Cent, Risque the club inside the Paris Las Vegas Hotel was charging a $50 cover to 50 Cent's party after his House of Blues performance. Despite promises to show up, 50 never did. Why the hell would you want to pay anything to hang out that thug and possibly take a bullet meant for him?!?

    The nephew of late hip-hop pioneer Jam Master Jay was shot in the leg in Queens, New York. Man, talk about a family curse.

    Have a happy Memorial Day. Be safe and keep on truckin'.

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    HOUSTON, May 2, 2003 - ADV Films today announced a July 29, 2003 release date for City Hunter TV: Season One, Collection One and City Hunter Season Two, Collection Two. Each subtitled, Japanese-only collection includes more than 20 complete episodes of the legendary, long-running Japanese animated television series. City Hunter is centered on the (mis)adventures of .357-packing professional bodyguard/clean-up man Ryo Saeba, known as City Hunter. For all his abilities, City Hunter is burdened by an active libido-which always seems to get in the way of his missions!

    The City Hunter franchise has generated millions of dollars in revenue worldwide, with comic books, movies, a television series, and other merchandise all enjoying strong viewership and brisk sales. The City Hunter graphic novel (manga) series by Tsukasa Hojo sold millions of copies every week in Japan, while the television series scored big ratings all over the world. City Hunter also spawned a hit film starring international movie star Jackie Chan.

    The Stories:
    Collection One
    Meet Ryo Seaba: ladies' man, troubleshooter and expert marksman. When you need more help than the police can provide, he's the solution. He's the City Hunter, and if he can't solve your problem, no one can. Welcome to the world of City Hunter where freelance troubleshooter Ryo Saeba works to keep the streets of Shinjuku safe. When calling the police just won't do, leave an "XYZ" message on the board at Shinjuku Station and the City Hunter will respond to your plea for help, especially if you happen to be a beautiful woman!

    Collection Two
    The City Hunter's back and ready for more action. And a little bedroom action would be especially nice! But that's not going to happen if Kaori and her trans-dimensional hammer have anything to say about it. Fortunately, whether it's trying to get them into bed or protecting them from the forces of evil, when it comes to pretty women, Ryo doesn't know the meaning of the word "quit." The bad guys better watch out. City Hunter's on the job!

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    Toda K20A Flywheels

    TODA Racing lightweight flywheels increase throttle response and aide in overall vehicle performance. TODA flywheels are produced from 100% chrome-moly steel, not aluminum. With careful attention paid to proper weight distribution, TODA flywheels improve performance without negatively affecting driveability.

    Website - TodaRacing.com

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    HOUSTON, May 16, 2003 - ADV Films today announced a release date of August 5, 2003 for NOIR: Terminal Velocity, the fifth gripping DVD volume of the widely acclaimed, huge-selling anime thriller.

    The series, which premiered in Japan in 2001, was directed by Koichi Mashimo (Dirty Pair, Dominion). Viewers praise NOIR's spectacular animation, the use of music, its exotic settings (largely in western Europe) and an enduringly complex storyline, based on a relationship between a duo of female assassins who cannot trust one another, but who need each other to survive. Critics have favorably compared NOIR to such genre-defining live-action suspense films as The Professional and La Femme Nikita.`

    The story:
    As the secrets of Mireille's past are unearthed from their graves in Corsica, Kirika's own grim history slowly begins to reveal itself. The revelations bring no conclusions or happiness, however; only murder and death. As Chloe and Altena wait in the shadows, the malevolent intent of the Soldats finally becomes clear. The darkness begins to consume the light as the four horsewomen of the Apocalypse prepare for battle. The lines in the sand have been drawn in the fifth electrifying volume of NOIR!

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    Greddy WRX BOV

    Irvine, CA, April 3 – GReddy Performance Products introduces an all-new application specific Blow-off Valve Kit for the Subaru WRX. The kit is designed to mount directly in place of the factory blow off valve and features a GReddy Type S Blow-off Valve, billet adapter plate, mandrel bent aluminum recirculation tube and all the necessary hardware for installation. This high performance GReddy Blow-off Valve permits fine tuning of the bypass system to better match the amount of boost pressure and size of the turbocharger you are running. The recirculation tube vents the air charge back into the intake, thus improving shift spool-up and avoiding the undesirable engine stutter often associated with other blow off valve kits on the market.

    GReddy Performance Products is recognized throughout the United States and Asia as a premier performance component manufacturer. GReddy has been producing products for professional motorsports and high performance street applications since 1977 and distributing their quality products to U.S. automotive and racing enthusiasts since the 1980’s through their North American headquarters based in Irvine, California.

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