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First Screens of SEGA RALLY: REVO

SEGA® of America, Inc. today released first screenshots of SEGA RALLY™: REVO, the genre-defining competitive racing game which will be the first title developed by the SEGA Driving Studio.

SEGA RALLY: REVO will set a new benchmark in its genre with a high-tempo driving experience that will challenge the racing skills both on and off-road, with revolutionary dynamically deformable terrain, proprietary next-generation graphics, bone-jarringly realistic physics, and competitive bumper-to-bumper racing.

Scheduled for release on PLAYSTATION® 3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360™ and PC, SEGA RALLY: REVO hits store shelves in 2007.

Download Full Image(3076x768)

Download Full Image(3076x768)

Download Full Image(3076x768)

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Stranglehold Theatrical Trailer

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Tokyo Auto Salon

We didn't make it out to the Tokyo Auto Salon this year...(because we were too lazy and broke) but our good buddy Justin Kaehler was out there to cover all the madness for IGN.com. Here's his take on this event.

January 12, 2007 - We're sure that you have been wondering just why the hell we've been updating the IGN Cars page at totally random times. Well, if you're reading this story, we're pretty sure that you now have things figured out. For the slower readers out there, we'll spell it out, but not literally: we're in Japan for the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon.

The show is still going on, and we haven't had enough time to even think about sorting through our photos, brochures and newly-acquired tuning information. It's going to take us days to sort through and process just what went down at Makuhari Messe. That said, we figured we owed it to you to throw out some information (and some photos) while things were still fresh in our minds....

View Full Article and Gallery

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Music Video for Kristine Sa's Consequence!

Kristine Sa's first official music video is finally here! Set on a NYC subway going over the Manhattan Bridge at sunset, the video features Asian-American comedian/actor Eliot Chang (Comedy Central, Law & Order) playing Kristine's ex-boyfriend. Take a ride with Kristine as she nurses a broken heart.

Kristine Sa's new album Hopeless Romantic drops on February 10th, 2007.
Pre-Order your copy today!

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Modified to Sponsor Rolex Car


January 3, 2007


Danbury, CT - For the 2007 season, Modified Luxury & Exotics magazine will be an official sponsor of the Farnbacher Loles team in the Rolex Sports Car Series. The series is one of several sanctioned by the Grand American Road Racing Association and is made up of both a Daytona Prototype class as well as a GT class (in which the Farnbacher Loles Porsche 997 GT3 Cup cars will compete).

Last season, Farnbacher started the year on the podium at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona with a third place finish in the GT Class after winning that class in 2005. Well known for their racing heritage, Farnbacher is also a full line Porsche tuner and just last year unveiled their Cayman GTR, with a 3.8 liter engine as well as aerodynamic, suspension and aesthetic mods.

“Farnbacher Loles Racing is very happy to have Modified Luxury & Exotics as an associate sponsor for our Rolex GT race team,” says Roger Garbow, Marketing Director, at Farnbacher. “Modified L&E is an outstanding publication and in a short time has become the must-read of the luxury tuner world. We look forward to an exciting year both on and off the track as we pursue the Rolex GT Class Championship as well as continuing development of our performance enhanced Porsche and Audi street cars.”

Modified Luxury & Exotics, a Verticalscope publication, is an enthusiast magazine which focuses on the performance tuning of high-end vehicles such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Lamborghini. For more information visit www.modifiedle.com.

For additional info please contact:

Colum Wood
Editor In Chief, Modified L&E
416-341-8950 x 235

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Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept

DETROIT, U.S.A., January 7, 2007 - The show-stopping Acura "Advanced Sports Car Concept" made its world debut at the 2007 North American International Auto Show. The dynamically styled concept provides a preview of the design direction for the successor to the Acura NSX.

Created to take exotic sports car styling to a new level, the concept is designed to incorporate a powerful front-mounted, V-10 engine and a new high-performance, rear-wheel-drive based version of Acura's exclusive Super Handling All-Wheel Drive(TM) (SH-AWD(TM)).

"The Acura brand will always be a home for people who love to drive," said Takeo Fukui, president & CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. "As we advance toward building a car like this, I can tell you it will feature advanced technology matching our passion for performance."

The concept's exterior demonstrates a dynamic fusion of advanced technology and emotion. The long, pronounced hood features deeply sculpted lines and embossed air vents, both of which hint at the powerful engine beneath. The exterior lines run the length of the body, creating a ribbon-like effect from the front headlights to the rear wheel arches, evoking a feeling of movement and power.

Although modern in its appearance, the Advanced Sports Car Concept retains the subtle cues associated with its predecessor, the NSX. The concept's slim, LED headlights are pushed wide and designed to mimic the pop-up headlights found on the first generation NSX. Other styling hints include a modern take on wraparound rear taillights and the all black cockpit.

"Our intention was to design an exotic sports car that gracefully combines advanced technology and strong emotion," said Jon Ikeda, principal designer, Acura Design Center. "The technical, machined surfaces and keen-edge design are balanced with sweeping curves and dramatic lines, all of which results in the ultimate exotic sports car."

Wide and low to the ground with a 108.8 inch wheelbase, the concept is anchored by grippy 19 inch front and 20 inch rear performance tires which are mounted to custom billet-machined, polished aluminum wheels. Powerful, ventilated carbon ceramic brake discs and eight-piston calipers accent the wheels. Bold wheel arches and flares add to the concept's aggressive appearance.

The low slung cabin is constructed entirely of tinted glass and sits flush against the body. Door handles are also flush mounted, allowing the sports car to retain a clean and aerodynamic appearance. The Advanced Sports Car Concept features a carbon fiber underbody and the rear is finished with aggressive quad exhaust pipes and integrated rear diffusers, further communicating its high performance potential.

The Advanced Sports Car Concept was designed by the Acura's Los Angeles-based design team that will be based at the new Acura Design Center, opening this summer.

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Toyota FT-HS Concept

Toyota FT-HS Concept Debuts at the 2007 North American International Auto Show

TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Toyota FT-HS hybrid sports concept will make its debut at the 2007 North American International Auto Show.

Pairing a potent hybrid powertrain with essential sports car fundamentals, the FT-HS concept was a joint undertaking of Calty, Toyota's North American-based, research and design center located in Newport Beach, Calif., and Toyota's California-based Advanced Product Strategy Group. The design team was assigned the task of creating a mid-priced sports car that integrates ecology and emotion in a concept that addresses the question "What is a suitable sports car for the 21st Century?"

"Drivers today are not satisfied with cars that are simply fast," said Kevin Hunter, vice president, Calty Design Research. "In addition to driving enjoyment, today's drivers are concerned about safety, ecology and social responsibility."

The FT-HS incorporates hybrid capability while maintaining sports car essentials, such as a sleek profile, lightweight aero-dynamic materials, and an advanced high-output powertrain for revolutionary acceleration and optimal performance. This 21st century sports car is fun-to-drive with eco-friendly benefits such as ultra-low emissions and fuel efficiency. The FT-HS appeals to an emerging buyer who grew up eco-conscious and perceives technology as a necessity, not a luxury.

This two-plus-two concept is a front-engine, rear-drive sports car with a projected zero-to-60 acceleration in the four-second range. A powerful V6, 3.5L-engine is coupled with a 21st century sports hybrid system with a target power output of approximately 400-horsepower. At a mid-priced market position, FT-HS would be a true "attainable exotic" with 21st Century performance.

FT-HS expresses the core values of a Toyota Brand design strategy that combines two key elements: J-Factor and Vibrant Clarity. J-Factor refers to the local and global acceptance of Japanese-inspired design and cultural sensibilities. Vibrant Clarity is the design language used to express the J-factor much in the same way that L-Finesse is the language of the Lexus Division. It is the combination of perfect imbalance, freeform geometrics and integrated component architecture. The result of these three elements is subtractive mass, a minimalist style that is not only lightweight, but also looks lightweight.

The exterior design was led by Calty designer, Alex Shen. From a design perspective, the theme of the FT-HS achieves sleek, taut surfaces in its exterior features -- especially in the doors and body style. The front and rear have been sculpted to remove mass around key functional components. Freeform geometrics define the integration of fluid surfaces contrasting hard-edge "Aero-Corners" which promote smooth airflow and reduce turbulence.

The roof has a distinctive scooped-out section designed to reduce aerodynamic drag and provide head room at the key areas. Made from carbon fiber Kevlar, the roof retracts so that the roof panel and back window pivot fluidly in a downward motion to stow in the rear seat space.

The vehicle's triangular profile has a floating "C" pillar, aero corners, a full upper-body pan, and innovative open top. A hood features a scalloped channel, exposing the hybrid engine. Integrated component architecture can be seen in the aerospace-inspired lighting. The tail lamp unit spans the entire rear, and has an integrated retractable spoiler. Light-emitting diode (LED) clusters are located in the headlamps and the wing for energy-efficiency and decreased heat loss. Other exterior features include a speed-activated wing that elevates at high speed for additional stability and traction. The rear showcases a carbon fiber lower diffuser with integrated wide exhaust and carbon fiber wheels.

The driver-oriented interior was created by Calty designer, William Chergosky and exudes sleekness, technology, and performance. The lean skeletal look is achieved with exposed cross-car architecture and high-tech materials such as carbon fiber, and titanium. FT-HS' interior features create a dedicated driver's cockpit which include subtractive mass expressions such as cross-car instrument panel structure and delta wing driver pod. The delta-wing driver's pod integrates many useful functions into a lightweight structural unit. All of the important functions and details are presented almost exclusively to the driver. For example, touch-trace sensors which surround the driver and act as tactile guides for finger controls when traveling at high speeds.

By eliminating the "B" pillar and creating a suspended "C" pillar, the minimalist style works in conjunction with subtractive mass. An integrated instrument panel surrounds the driver, creating an enclosed pod effect. Armrests flow seamlessly into the door and surrounding interior.

Seating is optimized for a lightweight appearance and function: the seating accommodates four and then coverts to a two-seater when the roof retracts. The passenger-seat area is open with a simple exposed airbag on the cross-car beam.

A telescoping hub-less steering wheel incorporates semi-automatic paddle shifters and allows the meter to be shifted forward in order to shorten the driver's focus-time between the road and meter, and ultimately enhance driver focus.

"FT-HS redefines the sports car experience not only with styling but also in function and performance," said Hunter. "The FT-HS is Toyota's answer to the question 'What is a suitable sports car for the 21st Century?'"

3.5 Liter V6 hybrid electric
Overall Length: 170.27
Overall Width: 73.23
Overall Height: 50.79
Wheelbase: 104.33
Wheels: Carbon Fiber
Tire Sizes: Front 245/35R21 Rear 285/30R21

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Formula Drift Signs ESPN

Long Beach, California - After the holiday break, first on Formula Drift’s agenda is the announcement regarding their TV plans for 2007. Formula Drift announced today that the 2007 Formula Drift Championship will be broadcast exclusively on ESPN2. This deal further solidifies Formula Drift as the premiere drifting championship and shows that the leader in sports programming, ESPN, sees potential and value in Formula Drift.

Exact deal points of this monumental announcement have yet to be released, but the full TV schedule and other details will be announced prior to the start of the 2007 Championship season.

“For Formula Drift, this is prodigious! In 2007, a motor sport fan can turn on ESPN and watch NASCAR and Champ Car among a huge list of other motor sports content. Now they can also turn on ESPN2 and watch the Formula Drift Championship. For Formula Drift Rift this is a major step forward in TV coverage. We are ecstatic!” said Ryan Sage, VP of Marketing for Formula Drift.

“Drifting is one of the fastest-growing forms of motor sports in the world, and is especially popular with a younger audience,” said Frantz Cayo, Director of Motor Sports Programming for ESPN. “Along with the X Games and other cutting-edge sports on ESPN2, we feel that adding Drifting to our programming lineup is providing a great service to our viewers and we’re excited about it.”

Entering its fourth season, the Formula Drift Championship, continues to expand into new markets as the first and only sanctioned and recognized North American professional drifting championship series. Formula Drift is also responsible for being the first to bring professional drifting stateside. This high-skilled, high-powered motor sport where drivers intentionally maneuver their cars into well executed, controlled sideways slides at high speeds through a marked course, has more than 50 licensed professional drivers competing in all seven competitions for the Pro Championship and selected drivers competing in the Team Drift competitions this year.

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Test Drive Unlimited Review

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AEM’s Digital Display Gauge Line

AEM is proud to introduce its Digital Display Gauge line that includes sensors and all necessary hardware in one box! AEM digital display gauges are available for Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Water Temp, Trans Temp, Oil Temp, Boost and Voltage, with more applications to follow. Our digital display gauges complement our existing gauge controller designs to deliver a consistent look inside the cockpit of your street or race vehicle.

Why You Need One:
Our digital gauges deliver unsurpassed accuracy and visibility. Each gauge includes 24 sweeping LED lights for immediate reference to the measured parameter, and an integrated thee-digit display that reveals real-time operating conditions.

Additional Cool Stuff:
AEM’s digital display gauges feature a standard 52mm gauge housing that fits in most gauge pods and can be remotely mounted virtually anywhere. Each gauge includes interchangeable silver and black bezels and black and white faceplates to personalize the look of your gauge—it’s like having four gauge designs in one!

Key Feature Summary:

  • Includes easy-to-install harness and sensor
  • Complete stand alone gauge requires no additional sensors or programs to operate
  • Ideal for both fuel injected and carbureted motors
  • LED displays provide precise reference to critical operating conditions and alert driver of potentially damaging operating conditions
  • Includes 0-5V analog output for routing to engine management system or data logger
  • Easy to read faceplates/displays are designed to complement existing AEM gauge styles
  • Included bezels and face plates allow you to personalize the look of your gauge

    AEM products are Engineered to Outperform. The company designs and manufactures high-quality street and race performance products that are distributed worldwide. AEM headquarters is based in Hawthorne, California. Visit http://www.aempower.com to learn more.

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