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Verena Mei E85 conversion

Saw this cool video on Verena Mei's 350z E85 conversion. She has sure come a long way in the past 5-6 years. To think that we met her when she was just a toyo tire model. Way to go chica!

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Ignition DVD GT-R Special


The GT-R Special DVD Will Be Released on February 17, 2008.

Official Website: www.livesockets.com

Los Angeles, CA (February 11, 2009) – Live Sockets Entertainment will release the Ignition DVD GT-R Special on Tuesday February 17, 2009. The GT-R name and badge strikes passion, envy and fear into the heart of every car enthusiast. This Japanese iconic supercar has dominated the road and track for 20 years, starting with the legendary R32 Godzilla. Its tunability is modified car scene folklore. Whether it's a lightly-tuned example teaching exotic cars a lesson or a 1000hp drag strip warrior, the GT-R is right at home.

To celebrate the launch of the new GT-R, Ignition DVD has put together this compilation of their best GT-R features. 2-hrs of GT-R Madness with the fastest, most powerful and some of the best R32, R33 and R34 GT-R's from around the world. There's also exclusive footage of some of the first modified R35 GT-R’s since its debut. This title is not to be missed by any true GT-R fan.


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Subaru Pastrana Edition STi

Subaru will be introducing the new Impreza WRX STI Travis Pastana Edition at the Chicago Auto Show this week. Vermont Sports Car help design this one using various parts from the SPT and STi parts catalog and some custom pieces including the carbon fiber hood and rear wing. We are not crazy about the color but who knows, maybe subaru fans will grow to love the brilliant yellow color.


Subaru Designs Custom Impreza WRX STI for Rally Champ Travis Pastrana

  • Pastrana Won His Third Consecutive Rally America National Championship for Subaru in 2008
  • Special WRX STI Fortified with SPT and STI Parts
  • Carbon Fiber Hood and Rear Wing
  • Custom Interior with High-Power Audio System and Xbox
CHICAGO, Feb. 9 -- Subaru of America, Inc. will show a one-of-a-kind Subaru Impreza WRX STI designed for its factory rally driver Travis Pastrana at the Chicago Auto Show, February 13-22 in McCormick Place. Subaru worked with Pastrana to create a brilliant yellow "199" liveried WRX STI to commemorate his third consecutive Rally America National Championship. Pastrana is scheduled to appear at the Chicago Auto Show to sign autographs in the Subaru booth February 14th and 15th.


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Subaru Inspired Photo Contest Winners

We had sooooo many great photos submitted but we had to narrow it down and pick the ones that really stood out to our judges...

Winners will be contacted via email. And the winners are....

Grand Prize Winner

Best Spirit of the Contest

Best Rally Photo

Best Track Photo

Best Camera Phone Category

...View All the Entries

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D1GP USA Scoring System



- Judges to Use Data from "DriftBox" Derived System to Help Determine Scores -

LOS ANGELES (February 9, 2009) - D1GP USA (www.d1gp.com), the motorsports industry's premier drifting series, announced today its judging procedures for the 2009 season will include the use of a comprehensive telemetry based data acquisition and video system to provide a more accurate and transparent method for scoring. Dubbed the D1GP USA PRO 1, the system will provide drivers with a level scoring field that dramatically increases the accuracy of the scoring process. D1GP USA has also announced its head judges and Competition staff for the series. The head judges will include �Drift King� Keiichi Tsuchiya, D1 Grand Prix, Option Magazine & Tokyo Auto Salon founder Daijiro Inada and TV announcer and former driver Manabu Suzuki. Terence Jenkins will act as the SVP of Operations and the events Competition Director while Chiaki Goto will serve as the events Technical Director.


Based on Racelogic's highly successful "DriftBox", the D1GP USA PRO 1 utilizes new proprietary algorithms and is able to measure a driver's drift angle with 0.5 degree of accuracy, speed within 0.1mph and lateral g loads within 0.01g. This data is calculated 10 times per second and transmitted from the competition vehicle via telemetry directly to the scoring table. D1GP USA will also utilize the Racelogic Video VBOX system. The Video VBOX is a high quality solid-state video recorder combined with a GPS data logger and real-time graphics engine. This will record the action from inside the vehicle during competition and overlay the PlayStation style graphics on screen showing drift angle, speed and g-force loads.


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GT-R Nurburgring Snow Video

Check out this 2009 Nissan GT-R ripping through the Nurburgring in the snow!


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USF1 Team Confirmed for 2010

Just saw this post on f1-live.com. We're still a little skeptical considering the economic climate and wondering which American company is going to shell out the dough to fund an F1 program; Google and Amazon? Stay tuned for more on this one.


One of the figures reportedly central to a prospective US based Formula One team has confirmed the intention of 'USF1' to contest the 2010 world championship.

Ken Anderson, an American engineer involved with NASCAR and IndyCar and also a F1 technical director of the 80s, told the Charlotte Observer that ‘95 percent’ of the unofficial information carried by websites in recent days was correct.

In collaboration with British broadcaster and writer Peter Windsor, also a former F1 team manager, Anderson said they are scouting possible headquarters in North Carolina, and that a formal announcement of the team is due later in February.

Anderson also said USF1 is close to signing its first driver for 2010, hinting that he is an American who is currently racing in a junior open-wheeler series in Europe.

"All of the teams' sponsors want a presence here and American companies are going global," he said.

He said a US-based team, despite every other F1 outfit being headquartered in Europe, is possible because "90 percent of the technology that exists in F1 comes from the US anyway."

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Petter Solberg Returns

Norwegian Petter Solberg has officially unveiled his own ‘Petter Solberg World Rally Team’ six days before the start of his home round of the 2009 WRC season.

Solberg decided to build his own team after Subaru’s departure from the series coupled with a lack of seats at the other manufacturer teams left him without a drive for 2009.

Faced with the prospect of sitting out at least one season, the 2003 World Rally Champion decided instead to create his own team from scratch. And true to his new team’s official motto ‘never give up’ he’s done it in a little over a month.

With the help of his team’s main sponsor, Norwegian boat charter company Johs Lunde yachting, Petter acquired a 2006 specification (active front and rear diff) Citroen Xsara WRC with which he hopes to tackle the remaining 11 rounds this year, accompanied by co-driver Phil Mills.


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Autobacs Strauss Declares Bankruptcy


(Translation of major points of Japanese release)

February 5, 2009 (Tokyo, Japan) — AUTOBACS SEVEN Co., Ltd. (“the Company,” Representative Director and CEO: Setsuo Wakuda), announced that each board of directors of the Company’s two consolidated subsidiaries, AUTOBACS STRAUSS INC. and AUTOBACS U.S.A., INC resolved to file Chapter 11 petitions and the two subsidiaries filed petitions under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code on February 4, 2009 (EST and PST) with the United States Bankruptcy Courts of each district. This may result in a failure or delay of debt collections by the Company of its loans to the two subsidiaries as stated in the following.

Full report Here!

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D1GP USA Launches D1 Underground



- D1 Underground Connects Local Promoters and Drivers Through Unique Program -

LOS ANGELES (February 4, 2009) � In conjunction with its highly anticipated return to the United States in 2009, D1GP USA ( www.d1gp.com ), the motorsports industry's premier drifting series, is set to launch D1 Underground, an online community website designed to strengthen the roots of the drifting industry by bringing together drivers and event promoters from around the country.

�D1 Underground's unique structure will touch every corner of the American drifting community, and it will do so very quickly,� said Rich Goodwin, president of D1GP USA. "This program enlists any and every promoter, no matter how big or small, and puts the power of the D1 brand behind them to help their events grow. It also gives top D1 Underground event finishers the chance to go up against the world's top drivers, bringing the next crop of great American superstars to the doorsteps of D1GP USA.�

D1 Underground represents the growth of drift culture at its most basic form. By registering with D1 Underground, local event promoters gain a national platform to publicize and advertise their events. The various events from around the country will be promoted on the D1 Underground website, which will act as an information hub for the drifting community. The exposure created for these events through the D1 Underground website will help bolster fan attendance and participation of sponsors and exhibitors. It will also draw talented D1 Underground drivers to events by creating a large incentive beyond the event purse.


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