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WRC Subaru Finland Preview

Rally Finland Stage Summaries with Phil Mills

02 August 2007

SS1 & SS11 Killeri 2.06km
Finland's Superspecial is based on an oval horse trotting track close to Jyvaskyla. Of all the Superspecials we do this one isn't the most demanding, but it is pretty fast and should be pretty spectacular for spectators - the jump is certainly worth a look. The route leaves the track at one point and takes us out into a twisty section in the car-parks.

SS2 & SS5 Vellipohja - 17.20km
Very narrow and technical throughout. The first 14km are the same as last year's SS5. The road surface is pretty unusual; it has lots of small successive kicks that lift the rear wheels off the road. As you crest one jump you land on the next. The last 8km are very very fast.

SS3 & SS6 Mokkipera 13.72km
This is a famous stage, with the addition this year of about 1.5km of new road. After an initial left-hander, you approach the point at which many have ended their rallies: a big crest with a large rock on the inside of it - you have to be very careful to avoid it else it will take a wheel off.

SS4 & SS7 Palsankyla 13.31km
A very very fast stage from start to finish, it's very flat with no jumps.

SS8 Urria & 9.96km
Starts medium fast, and has one section with five small jumps in quick succession. Urria is especially famous for one massive jump 5km from the start line. It's actually a relatively slow speed jump, coming down several gears, as the angle is steep and approached at the wrong speed it could break a car in half.

SS9 Lautapera - 8.70km
A brand new stage, it is similar to SS4 in that its very very fast throughout and relatively flat.

SS10 Jukojarvi & 22.25km
Not a lot to say about this one except that it's classic Finland and flat-out all the way through. Narrows a little for the final eight kilometres but that doesn't have much effect on the pace.

SS12 Kaipolanvuori - 13.46km
Another new stage that is incredibly quick - 5th or 6th gear most of the way. It is one of the fastest and narrowest stages in the rally, and coupled with the speed is very tricky. There are lots of long corners with trees lining the outside, so no margin for error

SS13 Juupajoki - 22.14km
Starts wide, but soon narrows and becomes very technical. The only exception is a 5km stretch in the middle that can only be described as a motorway, it is so wide. Again, a fast and tricky stage, made more so as it has not been used since 2002.

SS14 & SS16 Ouninpohja - 33.01km
A return to the full-length stage as used in 2004, but with the addition of three chicanes to reduce average speed. While the chicanes will reduce the average speed, in reality the interim speeds will be just as high. It is the jump in this stage over which distance is measured. It is one of the most famous in the entire WRC calendar, along with a personal favourite after our world record stage time in 2003 at 131km/h.

SS15 Leustu - 21.27km
Starts with a wide road and huge jumps that are cleared in 6th gear. The last 11km are narrower and winds through the forest. This stage finishes with two very bad jumps over which you have to be careful. Again, classic Finland.

SS17 & SS19 Ehikki - 14.88km
The first 6kms of this stage are new and incredibly fast, after which it joins to SS15 as used in 2004. The last 8.5km are more technical, but the new section of the stage is just so fast.

SS18 Himos - 18.56km
This stage brings together a multitude of new sections, SS10 from 2006 and SS11 from 2004. It's a medium-width technical stage, under a canopy of trees which means that it is quite dark even during the day.

SS20 Surkee - 14.89km
A mostly new stage, comprising SS10 from 2001 and SS16 from 2006. It is very difficult as it is the most technical and narrow of the rally. There are nasty jumps that kick the back end a lot, especially in the last 5km. It's so easy to make a mistake here, especially in the last 5km.

SS21 Valkola - 10.38km
Short and narrow, it is by far the bumpiest stage of the rally. There are just continual bumps that make it tricky. It is a fantastic stage for spectators.

SS22 Lankamaa - 22.83km
Mostly the same as SS2 from 2006, this year sees an extra 1.6km added to the finish. You have to have a lot of respect for this stage as it can catch you out very easily.

SS23 Ruuhimaki - 7.54km
At only 7km this one is the shortest of the event, but its possibly the most spectacular. It's a bit of a classic and has been used every year since the '70's. It starts off narrow, then turns right onto a main road for five of the biggest and most famous jumps of the rally. You do not want to enter this stage pushing for a win.


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